If we plague ourselves with elevated stress levels for too long, our energy drainers like creative + digestive + sexual + cognitive fire are the first to shady dip. Adaptogenic herbs protect the body and brain from the detrimental effects of internal and external stress. They help bulk up the myelin sheath that surrounds our brain as well as the inside of our cells. A milky way for your neural forest, adaptogenic herbs help to lower chronic cortisol levels and return your body back to a state of normalcy at a cellular level. They safely modulate the stress response, protect your brain from oxidative stress, restore digestive fire, sooth inflammation, boost nutrient absorption, and serve as a one-two punch for your cognitive powers. Cradle your brain, you will. 

When it comes to body chemistry, we need a little bit of everything to help us keep up with the world we've created. Adaptogenic herbs have the ability to balance hormones, increase libido, provide adrenal support and oxygenate the entire system including the individual functions within. They enhance muscle tone, stamina, endurance, and shorten recovery time so that whatever amount of work we clock on our bodies through movement exercises really count. A bolster for your immune system, this class of herbs should be likened to your daily multivitamins, only smarter. Store-bought multivitamins can sometimes provide your body with too much of something, and too little of something else. They are denatured products that have sat on a shelf for far too long and don't offer the vibrant vitality or strength that wildcrafted adaptogenic herbs do. They support liver detoxification and lymphatic drainage so that if and when you indulge on the more toxic side of life, your system is equipped to eliminate safely.