Indian Gooseberry, or Amla, is a digestive fire novelty grown in the wet hillsides of India. It stimulates the secretion of enzymes needed to break down and assimilate nutrients within food. It's high Vitamin C content bolster the immune system and nourishes the connective tissue. Amla is widely used for its cooling effect on the body, cleansing the liver, promoting fertility and virility, flushing out toxins, and creating sharp, super-toned muscles. It stimulates growth in the hair folicles, bringing back pigmentation, growing abilities, and salon-style shine. Its rather sour taste helps stimulate the taste buds to start working with this antioxidant. It contains minerals such as Carotene, Phosphrous, Iron, and Calcium making it essential to any mitochondrial focused cognitive power plan or for those wishing to improve their eyesight.  Oxidation can lead to damage or die off to our cells as a result of wild childs' by the name of free radicals. The anti-oxidative powers of Amla berry help slosh any potential damage to the cells.