THE CROWN CHAKRA (ANAHATA) IS THE SEVENTH ENERGETIC CENTER LOCATED AT THE TOP OF THE HEAD, in white. It is the epitome of pure awareness and connects us to our spiritual powers of all forms. It is extremely high in energy and once we can access this center provides us with a vibration so high our eyes can't help but beam with light. It is evidence of connection to the divine and a deep understanding of the powerful manifestations of our soul. 

Rev up the crown chakra through meditation, prayer, slow dancing, pranayama exercises, and exposure to sunlight. The highest center thrives on the natural environment and exposure to the elements of your given climate or micro-climate. Harnessing the powers of Mother Nature on the crown chakra will help to keep you calm, hormones balanced, and sleeping like  a baby with vivid dreams.

In order to open up the crown chakra, drink alkaline water and practice juicing for meals or various forms of fasting. Practicing intermittent fasting by extending your detoxification period longer and skipping over breakfast is deeply nourishing to the crown chakra. It runs off of pure consciousness and the opening of this energetic center will provide you with boundless stores of energy, reducing your need for large quantities of energy in the form of food. Should you crave something sweet, treat yourself to fruits and vegetables dried in the sun. Everything you eat should be based on ethical reasonings and the well being of all living things and be rooted in organic purity.