THE NAVEL CENTER CHAKRA (MANIPURA) SITS AT THE SOLAR PLEXUS, in yellow. It is the source of confidence, personal power, lustrous character, and charm. Imbalances in the navel chakra can manifest as constipation, bad gut feeling, feelings of incompetence, stomach pain, or loss of expression in loving relationships. 

In order to keep the kidneys nourished, digestive fire strong, and confidence on high demand you must focus on following your intuition so that your navel chakra stays cleared. Practice setting daily affirmations for yourself so that you can reassure yourself of ability and confidence. This repetition of vocalizing your strengths will help you gain control and poise over your life. Add stones such as Yellow Quartz, Citrine, and Amber to your home. Scatter them all over your house like family photos, blanketing your home-base in security + good strength.

Since the navel chakra is closely related to kidney, digestive, and stomach health, it is important to follow some guidelines in a friendly manner. Drinking room temperature or warm liquids and avoiding cold ones, avoid adding spices such as cayenne to your meals, and eating smaller portions throughout the day will help harmonize this energetic wheel governing your overall confidence. Focus on carbohydrates and whole grains to make your solar plexus go boom. Invite quinoa, potatoes, and organic oats in your mornings and evenings for a plexus plate of divinity.