LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR PELVIC FLOOR, JUST IN FRONT OF THE TAILBONE SITS OUR ROOT CHAKRA (MULADHARA), IN RED. Our root chakra symbolizes anything that makes us feel as if we are secure, whether it be money or food. 

Making sure you get adequate feet to the earth time in your day will ensure you stay grounded, calm, and present in your work towards and secure experience. Opening up and strengthening the spine and pelvic floor through yoga or other movement exercises will help keep your root chakra active and awake.

Make sure to include lots of red foods such as apples, red bell peppers, strawberries, watermelon, and red beets into your plant based chakra pantry. if you opt into animal products, foods like grass fed beef and eggs serve your root well. Root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and radishes grow with all the grounding  energy in tact, serving as direct transfer to you upon cooking. 

In order to begin opening and aligning all other chakras, you must start with the root chakra. A strong energetic base will directly spill over into your life and help promote a journey of safety. If there is imbalance in the root chakra, you may experience digestion issues, anxiety, lower back pain, or sore feet. To balance the Muladhara chakra, practice tuning into the smell of foods, reciting your favorite mantra, practicing kegel exercises,  as well as Bandha locking to help strengthen and permeate your pelvic floor with strength, safety, and security.