THE SACRAL CHAKRA (SVADHISTANA) IS LOCATED BETWEEN THE PUBIC BONE AND NAVEL, in orange. It is famously known as our creativity + sexual center. When our sacral center is balanced, we experience a healthy gut, mega-aphrodisia, and intuitive flow in all things that require us to think out of the box in life. When our sacral center is imbalanced, we may experience an almost addictive feeling of sexual intercourse, disconnect from our partner, inability to "get it up", unhealthy urinary tract, and a total loss for engineering anything from how to manage our time properly or cook a cosmic dinner for our family. 

In order bring harmony to this energetic center, we need to fearlessly let go of all expectations, free ourselves from comparison + negative self talk, and accept our individuality for what it is. Excessive praise or neglect of sex can create very strong blockages that prevent us from finding freedom and creativity within ourselves. Don't even think about feeling shame because you are confident in your body and feel in touch with your pleasure center.

Foods that help balance the sacral chakra are citrus fruits, peaches and papaya, root vegetables such as yams and carrots, turmeric root, nuts + seeds, and fennel. Meditate on the hips, lower abdomen, and lower lumbar in order to draw healing to the sacral center.

Avoid falling victim to inner talk that doesn't serve you!