The Silver Lining

Im so excited to finally get to this topic of silver!!! Some may call me insane, but when I come across new foods/potions/herbs to incorporate into my life and they actually generate changes I can't help but want to scream from the rooftops to TRY THIS ONE. 


We don't get too much Autumn-like weather out here in Hawaii, as the average temps are around 80 degrees. But I know all my homies back on the East Coast are feeling the change in seasons right about now. Regardless of where you are on the map, Autumn will always be a time of change. Adapatation. New beginnings. Which is why you need to be all that more on top of your self-care regimens. Do it for the sake of humanity, if anything, please. Because momma knows healthy, happy bodies make for healthy happy cities, communities, and households!


I still can't wrap my head around the fact that pharmaceuticals actually end up causing more issues than the actual imbalance they are trying to create in the first place. I mean, its like, you have a sinus infection so you go to the doctor and get on prescription to clear up the medication but then the medication kills off beneficial intestinal flora and leaves your immune system teeter-tottering just waiting to get run down by the next infection that may be right around the corner. How is this even legal? It makes my heart hurt thinking of all the poor beneficial bacteria that is just wiped out because we want an instant fix for the problem that our lifestyle habits could have caused in the first place. Your intestinal gut flora has nothing to do with your desire to eat dairy at every meal so don't go getting all up in its business, kicking it off the island because you're infection is interfering with your daily life. The human body has the amazing ability to heal itself, even after years of damage! Treat your body right, it gives you what you need. Treat the universe right......well you just wait and see.

BUT. Its okay because everyones guilty as charged, myself included. I like to talk like I eat kale quinoa and turmeric powder all day every day, but the truth is I love tequila. And my sweet tooth is out of control when I let it, and I need a good, cold IPA every once in a while. And sometimes I wear my wet bathing suit bottoms all day. And have less than stellar digestion at times. And don't wash my face every night. I promise i have excellent hygiene most of the time but life just happens sometimes. Which is why we should be thankful there is an answer to all our woes.

The answer, among many others, could be Colloidal Silver.  


I was first introduced to colloidal silver a few years back through my Chinese-medicine herb-loving friend who swore by it. It was early spring time and allergies were at and all time high, so naturally he gave me a shot glass filled with a clear liquid and told me to slug it back. I would like to say I felt instantly better but that wouldn't be accurate because it takes a few days for it to even kick in and start working on your body. BUUUUT, thats when the research began and I soon realized silver was something I had to start supplementing with. 

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and was used up until 1938 to help kill of viruses, harmful bacterium, and other fungi that could potentially harm the human body. It works its magic by suffocating the single-celled organisms oxygen supply needed for oxygen metabolism. This is relatable to the human body by thinking of cutting off oxygen to our lungs. Make sense, yeah? Good. 

So why did we stop using silver in the first place? Well, apparently, it was too expensive to make so the pharmaceutical industry stepped in and brought financially-lucrative pharmaceuticals to the forefront that were much easier to manufacture. Sounds logical. Until you pry a little further and find how silver actually compares to pharmaceuticals.

  1. Colloidal silver kills up to 650 harmful disease organisms while pharmaceuticals only kill about a half dozen (Science Digest March 1978). 
  2. Colloidal silver leaves all beneficial enzymes intact in the gut, while antiobitiocs do not.
  3. Colloidal silver ions promotes bone growth and kill surrounding harmful bacteria, while antibiotics do not and generally create resistant strains.

So how does this silver even work? Well, you see, when the silver ions near a fungus or bacterium it cuts off its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its lung. Thus, the infection is suffocated with no harm done to the body and within minutes is cleared out of the body through the excretory, lymphatic and immune system. So cool! And with regular supplementation of silver (1-4 tsps per day) the body is able to build up levels of silver and within 3 days the bodily tissues fully absorb the silver and magic starts to happen! Within a few weeks, silver is completely eliminated out of the body. Hand over the silver, right?

When searching for silver, try and make sure the silver is a slightly golden yellow, has been stored in a darkly tinted glass container, and has been produced by the non-chemical method where the silver particles have been bound to water by electric currents. This leaves the particles suspended in demineralized water and just seeping with antibiotic goodness.

Everyone can benefit from using colloidal silver as it has been found to be effective against: Acne, AIDS, parasites, indigestion, cancer, fatigue, warts, flu, thyroid issues, yeast infections, Herpes, dermatitis, Diabetes, blood poisoning, sleep apnea, insomnia, ringworm, meningitis, the list goes on!!! I struggle with digestion myself, as well as irregular menstruation and colloidal silver along with Angelica root and Blue Cohosh extract has helped keep me regular and stimulate blood flow to my lady areas that need some loving :)

So would or wouldn't you take a shot of silver this weekend? Colloidal silver by morning, Tequila silver by night.

Let there be light and disinfection!



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