opening the third eye

Creative minds are beautiful minds. Do any of you have one of those friends or know someone who's creativity just ignites a strong flame of inspiration in you every time you're with them? Something so fluid it almost hurts. Its like it comes without almost any effort for them to make something that just has an explicable beauty to it. Everything they touch has a little more meaning to it! Ive been lucky enough to have a few friends such as these in my life and they have always been such an aspiration to me. In part because deep down I knew I was creative in my own way, but also because they inspired me to find that deeply-rooted creative spirit that was able to think, speak, and create beauty!


As Ive ventured, conciously, on my spiritual journey and quest for vibrancy Ive come to find that creativity lies within each of us, just waiting to be magnified. Without a doubt, my most favorite days are when I am truly high on life and one idea after another rolls along. And it all makes sense! Each idea has so much potential and could truly become reality. Its a mix of faith + creative spirit on these days that remind me to believe in myself and humanity as a whole. As humans we have the ability to use so much more of our brains than we typically do on a given day. Think of all. the. potential. 

Located in the center of the brain between the two hemispheres in a cone shaped fashion, the pineal gland (third eye) works with the hypothalamus to help regulate sex, hunger, wake/sleep cycles, and is spiritually recognized as our creativity center. Activated when exposed to light (hello, sunshine. hello, daylight), the pineal gland also works with the hypothalamus to determine the aging process. Have i hooked you yet? 


It is said that by awakening the pineal gland, by opening the third eye, we are able to operate at a higher level of frequency thus transcending into a higher level of consciousness. We are able to tap into our soul purpose and true inner-self. This transcendent experience can help us to reach our most creative and innovative versions of ourselves. Exciting stuff!

 Trial and error (more times than I fancy) have led me to finding what exactly fuels this innovative fire that unfortunately only peaks every once in a while. And this all comes down to how open the third eye, our creativity center, is at any given moment. What opens it? What tends to close it? How can we recognize when it is open and when it is maybe dulling down almost to complete dimness. And then we can start to question how this relates to our heart + its own level of openness. As we begin to open the heart and let it guide us, does it in turn help us keep our intuition in check and on point by keeping our third eye open?

Without question, after I practice in the morning or even just mornings in general tend to be my most creative times. Ive rested all night, allowed my body to tune + tone through a deep sleep. I wake up, clean my mouth and face, drink pure water, and set my intentions for the day and get on with it. Although this clarity and center of creativity is able to activate on its own, I have found that there are certain rituals, activities, and lifestyle tricks that really help me access this creative center:

1.) Avoiding fluoride: This one is number one because it is HUGE. We have been led to believe that fluoride is necessary for health in general, but mainly for oral health. What we aren't told is that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, which inhibits one from tapping into this center. After years of consuming fluoride in toothpaste, processed foods, mouthwash, chewing gum, and in our drinking water, our pineal gland calcifies to the point where is shows up as being hard as a rock. What happens when your pineal gland is calcified? Feeling of confusion, indecisiveness, brain fog, jealousy, envy, closed-mindedness, uncertainty, and compliance. Its no wonder "they" press it on us so much. Have no fear, fluoride free toothpaste, water, and whole foods are here. 


1.) Raw Cacao powder- Known for activating the brain and nervous system, reducing effects of stress on the body, improving mood, boosting libido, and supplying the body with adequate amounts of magnesium + iron, cacao is such a wonderful staple in ones herbal pantry. I love drinking cacao in my morning mylks + bombs, slathering my dark-chocolate sea salt almond butter on toast or fresh fruit, or even just eating the beans slightly roasted in whole form. Once you truly experience the effects of raw cacao you will realize why chocolate is such a powerful and coveted delicacy in our world! 

2.) Reishi Mushroom powder- Perfect for supporting + building immunity, increasing longevity, reducing stress and improving mental clarity as well as helping to build strength and stamina, Reishi is a powerful healing medicinal mushroom that allows us to to recycle bad energy and supply ourselves with clean spiritual energy in return. I consume Reishi almost every day, supplying my entire self with so much wealth that it eventually begins to crave this queen powder!

3.) Begin using essential oils: Oils such as frankincense and parsley oil, when applied to skin, a diffuser, or in your bath water are said to decalcify the pineal gland.


4.) Mucuna Pruriens- The perfect support for mood and overall well-being, Mucuna Pruriens is a dopamine bean and is also labeled as an adaptogen meaning it uses what is already present in your body and adjusts for efficiency. Adaptogens are something everyone should begin supplementing with! They allow our body to "adapt" to all the crazy situations that life these days throws at us + leaves us all doped (dopamine) up, smiling and at ease. Naturally. 


5.) Get outside in the sun: I am a sun worshiper to the max, and there is no shame. Try sun gazing just before sunrise and sunset to help improve vision + decalcify the pineal gland. 

6.) Crystal healing: Certain crystals, such as moonstone, clear quartz  and purple violet tourmaline can help to recycle bad energy, purify  the mind and tap into the third eye. Lately, I have been experimenting with clear quartz by placing it on my forehead during my savasana and next to my computer while Im doing work in hopes to deflect any harmful radiation and activate higher levels of conciousness.

7.) Practicing yoga- I know you're probably rolling your eyes, of course this one made the list!! I can't express enough how quickly the body begins to open, mentally and physically, just by spending an hour each day working out all the kinks. Certain backbends, deep twists, and standing postures are such a great way to reset the spine, wring out toxins, and inevitably open the third eye. Can someone say creativity? Intuition fruition!


8.) High vibrations/energy:  By surrounding yourself with inspiration and innovative spirits, you can help to raise your own vibration which allows you to tap into your creative center and fully enable the decalcification process of the pineal gland. Set up a coffee date with someone who inspires you, discover your own spirituality, eat more fresh fruits/vegetables and herbs that ignite your own inner fire and less processed crap that leads to compliance and uncertainty.  

Everyone has the ability to transcend into a higher form of consciousness, it all dials down to self-care and really listening to the signals. I feel a shift happening, do you?





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