The beauty belly meal plan


My activity + stress + emotional + spiritual levels are constantly ebbing and flowing. This, without a doubt, alters what foods I use to help fuel my ever-active lifestyle that demands constant internal + external sources of inspiration, creativity, and drive. What I fuel myself with is the first mode of attack when trying to achieve something. You become what you eat + digest, which is why it is imperative you constantly adapt your dietary needs depending on your current life load.

Its always fun to try different cleanses, detoxes, and experimenting with elimination of certain foods to try and clear up stagnation or skin imbalances but jumping into an intense detox might shock your system which is why it is ever-so-important to listen to your body as your testing these waters of wellness that are just swimming with healthy and not so healthy fad diets. Trust me, Ive been there... believing there is a one-fits-all approach to healthy eating that can be found on the internet with the click of a button. Food is medicine and reaching true health should be viewed as an individualistic approach: meaning every individual is going to require a completely different array of nutrients in terms of quantity, quality, meal times, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and so on...

Luckily! We have the ability to tap into our own intuitive ability when it comes to coming up with our current beauty belly meal plan! Well thank heavens for the third eye + connecting to your inner self.

It is winter time, and despite living in Hawaii, it still gets chilly-ISH here in the mornings and night so I am leaning towards heavier foods. For me, I see this as a time to deeply nourish my body with denser, warmer foods, less sugar, more fat, more protein, more HEAT, lots of citrus, warming chai, super-herbed coffee, and lots of room temperature lemon water. Did I mention I prefer my greens wilted this time of year? Cooked kale is the new raw kale.

Here is my current typical beauty belly meal plan that has left me feeling content, happy, and nourished. At least for now! Ever-changing nutrition is something to be excited about! What fuels me today may not fuel me as best next week or even 3 months from now. Listen to the inner signals when its time to slightly change your meal plan. This is clearly omitting the occasional bagels, vodka gingers, quesadillas and sour gummies I have an natural tendency for :)

Breakfast| 1 liter room temperature lemon water + 1-2 pieces of fruit + 3 huge spoonfuls of herbal nut butter + herbal chai, coffee or mylk Lunch| Large greens salad with vegan protein + almond butter dressing Dinner| Eggs, potatoes or gluten free grains + cooked veggies + healthy fat of choice (I love drizzling tahini over everything) Snacks| 24 oz kombucha + half avocado w. sea salt + mermaid popcorn + green juice + cold brew coffee + handful of pistachios + kimchi + Whole grain crackers w/ tahini Dessert| almond butter stuffed dates + raw dark chocolate + spoonful raw honey + grilled bananas + coconut oil fried apples with cinnamon + spoonful of talenti sea salt caramel + glass of red wine


As you can see, lately, I am eating a lot of fat during the day and eat almost all of my required daily fat intake in the morning. I have found that my body took a while to adjust to eating large amounts of fat but it is the only way I can stay satiated for long amounts of time without having to consume large quantities of food. Slowly steering away from eating so much food and instead focusing on the quality of the food has helped me save time, money, and stress when it comes to meal time. Breakfast is my most rushed time of the day, so by throwing some chai or coffee on, eating a few pieces of fruit, and treating myself to beauty-boosting herbal nut butter right from the jar in the morning is the fastest + most simple way for me to immediately start my day feeling strong, nourished, and light. Ive also found that eating this light and simple in the morning is easier on my digestion + instantly curbs cravings and hunger for at least 6 hours. Like dissolves like. Fat burns fat. I challenge you to start eating more healthy fat first thing!

More details to come on what an all around beauty belly friendly breakfast entails.

Always make sure you are enjoying your meals in a relaxed, calm, and clean environment. It will do wonders for absorption, assimilation, and digestion of your food!