how to beauty belly your way through the holiday season


What are three things that come to your mind when you think of the "holidays"? For me, shamelessly, it is indulgence, red wine, and gifts. I'm not keen on stuffing my face by any means, nor do I enjoy the post gift-exchange debt that follows come January 1st when I check my credit card statement. But all those gifts were worth it and I am convinced that I am one of the best gift givers known to man kind. Partly because I like to think I know what people want, and partly because I have a (now tamed) Grade A shopping addiction and lets be real, shopaholics know how to party. Bottom line is, we should adjust our holiday season regimen based on what is imperative to us on a daily basis and through times of joy such as the wonderful winter season.

True beauty bellies know how to hijack the system + I have faith we can keep this streak alive. People are finally waking up to the shift happening and we cant let such a special time in our live leaving us feeling deflated come day one of 2016. Its just. not. worth. it.

Here is my 10 step guide to surviving the holidays as a beauty belly:

  1. Don't overindulge: Ive noticed that the holidays seem to be a hall pass for throwing in the towel on all the hard work we've done on our spiritual, mental, and physical health the past year. This is crazy if you think about it and will leave you in a vicious cycle of catchup with your personal health goals if you submit to this conceived notion of what I like to call "the holiday cookie syndrome". . . . or in more relative terms "the holiday red wine syndrome". I am guilty as charged, as I would love to stay buzzing on the vino all season long. But for me, the holiday cookies and cocktails and fluffy white bread rolls and extreme spending catch up to me before the new year even hits, from a conscious perspective. That is why this holiday season I am practicing non-attachment to what I think I should be doing as I attend parties, gatherings, Christmas dinners, gift exchanges, and so forth and more on what I actually want to be doing and how I actually want to feel come tomorrow. . . . and the next day.... and the next day. Gingerbread coffee cake is damn good. But don't use it as an excuse to polish off an entire loaf in one week for breakfast every morning. Nor should you ever spend more than you can manage when shopping for your significant other or family members. Its the thought that counts, and lets be real, most of the time a big fat kiss and long love letter takes the cake. STEADY YOURSELF BEAUTY BELLY AND STAY GROUNDED IN WHAT YOU WANT. Food + money are powerful tools within our world that you can either let consume you or progress you, choose wisely and help spread the shift.
  2. Stay moving! : My rule of thumb during times of stress, family reunions, vacations, the holidays is 3 days a week minimum of exercise. And make it count, because you never know what deliciousness Grandma has cooking up for dinner tonight! I eagerly workout 6 days a week so halving that is so manageable and I usually end up making those 3 workouts just as strong or stronger than my 6 days combined.  A sweaty vinyasa class + 4 mile run + cardio pumping spinning class is a perfect combo to help you steady your physique until you can continue the progression once the holiday festivities subside.
  3. Dont lets others hurt: Whenever I am asked to cook or prepare something for a holiday gathering, I always treat the dish as if it were something I were going to eat. If I wouldnt eat it, Im not serving it to anyone else! Each dish is a reflection of yourself, so dont give the ones you love most dished laden with BPA-lined canned goods, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars +flours, too much dairy, etc. My goal is to leave each party-goer feeling so good after eating they are begging to know the recipe.

          Here are a some swaps I tend to make when cooking + baking around the holidays:

  •          Coconut oil for butter
  •          Coconut sugar for sugar
  •          Quinoa flour for white flour
  •          Sesame oil/coconut oil/avocado oilfor olive oil when roasting or sauteing
  •          Kombucha for fruit juice in cocktails
  •          Dates/nuts combo for pie crusts
  •          Coconut oil (blended) for half + half in my Christmas coffee
  •          Fresh EVERYTHING for canned ANYTHING (canned apples, green beans, etc)
  •         Old newspaper or brown bags for wrapping paper
  •         Coconut cream for traditional cookie frosting
  •         Bananas/eggs/milk for pancakes

4. Personal space: I thrive on my alone time. You are your own best friend and for me, it is imperative I spend quiet time with myself before, during + after the busy holiday madness. It is an incredibly energetic charged time of year and can leave us feel like we are hopping from cloud to cloud in the form of social gatherings and strenuous days of Christmas shopping. Each day, try and spend at least 15 minutes reflecting, regrouping, and re centering yourself so that you can inevitably stay grounded no matter what December throws your way.


5. Up your potion count: Now is the time to work even more synergistically with your beauty belly body + mind so that you can function at your peak. Alot of energy is required throughout the holiday season, meaning you have to provide your temple with even more abundant nourishment so that you dont hit your tipping point. Up your adaptogenic herb intake (respectively), practice concious eating + conversing, overload your body with greens + vegetables, drink double the amount of alkalized lemon-water, add more healthy fats to your diet all as a means to better cope with seasonal stress. Your body is counting on you! Lets see what we can do!

6. Pay attention to how you feel: When your eating, drinking, conversing, working, blogging, exercising, meditating (duh, isnt that the point?). As i said, this time of year is SURGING with energy and you have the ability to harness amounts of energy that only come around every 12 months, so be present and fully open to positive experiences! On the flip side, remove yourself from situations where your energy starts to weaken and you feel suffocated, because trust me, there ARE energy vampires out there!

7. Share the love: Have a neighbor who needs a plate of food on Christmas eve? Notice that your co-worker is having an extra hard time coping with their own struggles? The homeless man who lives on the corner needs a nourishingmeal? The person in front of you is short changed for their coffee? Lend a helping hand! Beauty belly is just as much mental as it is physical and sharing love brings you ultimate wealth + health.


8. Share the goddess vibes: True beauty bellies stay firm in their attempts at reaching abundance. Dont let the peer pressure cave your personal goals, the person who wants you take that Patron shot doesnt even begin to realize how hard you've worked to get where you are now. Being healthy is sexy, so stand tall, put your smoky eyes on, engage the core, shoulders down the back, and wear that lingerie like its your duty underneath that holiday party dress.

9. Plan ahead: The entire season, start getting yourself pumped up for the new year to come! Write down your annual or even 5-year resolution plan and begin to brainstorm how you can start putting these mantras into effect starting tomorrow and come January 1st. If you play your cards right, the new year wont be so much a new beginning but a fluid extension of the past year. Only BETTER + FINE TUNED. Take it to the next level babes.

10. Stay spirtual: Whether you attend worship every night, say a small prayer before each meal, relish in your own sacred space, or emblazon yourself with mantras + oil massages, it is imperative you dont let these go out the window. Consistency and practice is hard, but is worth every bit as you are left feeling FULL.

True beauty bellies know how to hijack the system for the sake of their own health + wealth this holiday season. Will you or will you?






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