Why is it important to have 'daily discliplines'

Lets talk about getting on the right track and STAYING on the right track. Everyones idea of a "right track" is very different. But when you're on it, it feels soooo good. Am I right, or am i right? You haven't eaten processed sugar in weeks, you're making all of your own meals from scratch, cutting back on packaged food, coffee, and snacking, hitting the farmers market every week, and the best for last: you've only had a few glasses of wine since your last hoorah with the woes. You're getting better sleep, your tummy looks flatter, this thing called clarity of mind starts to kick in, you're skin starts clearing up and glowing, you are staying hydrated, making it to the yoga studio so frequently that you're finally making progress on your forearm stand, you're attracting better people into your life, you are feeling HOT.

Even if were not all there right now, we've either been there or want to be there. Welcome to the struggle I like to call the 21st century. Is it just me or does everything and everyone just move too fast to deal with these days?! its like one minute its 2000, then the iPhone comes out and 15 years later we've nearly lost our sanity. We pop open a nice cold brew, make a quesadilla, and numb ourselves from this chaos we have come to find as life.

Now Im still in my early 20s, so things are still pretty much a free for all these days. But I can smell the 'REAL-ness' creeping up on me! Its a comin......but one things for sure: I will never let my health suffer. Everytime I have just thrown in the towel and let my life take over me, i end up stressed, self-conscious, sluggish, dull looking, and more times than not drunk if Im not careful! By all means, i love me a good Moscow mule with goat cheese stuffed olives but you just can't have it all. Its not worth it! 

Theres been a lot of hype in the health world lately on comprising a set of daily disciplines to help us stay exactly where we want to be: productive and radiant. To help ease the struggle, I try and stick to a set of my own 'disciplines' each day so that i can stay on this "track". Slip ups are totally fine and I'm not saying don't ever go out for margarita (mixed with coconut water, of course!)  night ever again, but just by making a mental checklist in your head each day of easy, simple, ways to help you stay looking and feeling your best is seriously all it takes. Before you know it, a month will have gone by and you will feel completely satiated because you have kept up with your disciplines while still being able to enjoy yourself and live this life you should be living!

For a while I lived as if everything had to be black and white, all or nothing, 6 days a week of Mysore or I hadn't done what I was supposed to. Now, I have come to grips with the fact that living a rigid lifestyle such as that is not sustainable! At least not for me! I enjoy eating out, I enjoy indulging in sweets and tasty cocktails. I enjoy lattes. Just not every day! Below Im sharing some of my daily disciplines that really help me stay feeling vibrant and help me make conscious decisions of when I need to indulge and when I don't. 

  • D a i l y Discipline #1: Drink pure, filtered water. As soon as you wake up, warm a big pot of water (about a liter) on the stove and squeeze fresh lemon juice, some cinnamon, and ground turmeric into it. This immediately begins to prep your digestive system and wake up internal organs. Your digestive is weakest in the morning so this really helps to flush out the remainders of what your body was working on eliminating over night while also rehydrating you after you've hopefully had a bowel movement! And keep drinking water throughout the day. If you're eating a healthy water rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables I would suggest that 2 liters a day is enough. Maybe more if you're in the sun a lot and physically active. But don't drink water just cause you want to lose weight. Drink water only when you experience thirst, or else you will dilute your digestive juices! Warm or room temperature water is always best!
  • D a i l y Discipline #2: Eat easily digestible foods, especially for breakfast. Fresh cappuccino with eggs benedict and a side of cheese grits for breakfast, pad thai for lunch, red wine and chicken alfredo for dinner followed by a bowl of ice cream for dessert is just asking for your energy levels the next day to plummet, brain to become foggy, and the pounds to pile on slowly each month. (I don't know who has that kind of time in  the morning for the eggs benedict part, but you get what Im saying) Start every day with a piece of fruit on its own, or a glass of fresh fruit and veggie juice on its own followed about 10 minutes later with something else fresh, energizing and fibrous! Skin saver smoothie anyone? Lunch and dinner are up  to you, be smart with your food choices and skip the cheese!
  • D a i l y Discipline #3: Nourish yourself and take care of your body. Oil pulling in the morning. Warm lemon water. Exercise. Fresh fruit and veggies for breakfast. Get outside. Lotion/oil massage at night. Spend time with yourself. Get away from the screen an hour before bed. Eat one meal a day thats primarily green.  Cook at home. Share your food! Cut back on stimulants. Be nice to people. Become aware of where your food comes from. Drink tons of warm water. Start taking a probiotic. Consume as much turmeric as possible. Practice willpower. Wear sunscreen (Im getting better at this!). Walk every day no matter what. Sleep as long as you need. Optimize your digestion. Eat raw chocolate. Eat fermented foods! Stretch. Sweat. Become aware of your true self (post yet to come on this one, its going to be a long one!). Hijack your body and figure out what you need to thrive, not what mainstream diets are telling you to eat on the internet! (Been there, done that!)
  • D a i l y Discipline #4: Move your butt! I know you're tired from work, but thats probably because you are either a) not fueling yourself properly or enough b) your job just really sucks and you should reconsider something that makes you happy c) you have been sitting all day long so there is no way for any energy to be created in your body without movement! d) you drank too much coffee and ate too much sugary snacks in between meals. It is so important to use your body every day. If you're not a morning person, do your workout in the evening when you have more energy. But don't put it off! When Im on "track" I do my yoga practice in the mornings before I start my day so I can walk in the evenings and already have it out of the way. Whatever works best for you, though. Even if its just walking for 30 minutes a day, MOVE YOUR BUTT. Your heart and mind will thank you.
Photo by Catarina Lecayo
Photo by Jeff Rider

Photo by Jeff Rider

  • D a i l y Discipline #5: Get creative! Whether its writing a new piece, trying out a new recipe, creating your own recipe, painting, taking photos with friends, organizing your house, pairing outfits (one of my favorites!), making jewelry, etc. Use the creative part of your brain! Don't let it get so uncreative that you begin to feel like a vegetable most days! Turn on some music, tell yourself you're an artist even if you're not, and get inspired! It will help you feel worthy and like you have a purpose (which we all do!), I promise. You never know, you could stumble along one of your passions....
  • D a i l y Discipline #6: Sit in silence. Be still. Listen to nothing but what is outside. I LOVE my silent self-time. For so long I couldn't be alone and was always searching for some type of stimulant to keep that speaker on high up in my head. Now I honestly don't know what I would do without my alone time! Fall in love with yourself and sit with yourself every. damn. day. The person you need to get to know best is yourself, and that is never going to be achieved when you're constantly bombarded with noise- mentally and physically. You don't even have to meditate, just sit there and listen.....who knows maybe you'll surprise yourself and fall into a deep, problem-solving sit. 20 minutes, at least!
  • D a i l y Discipline #7: Spend time with someone you love. This is a good one to follow #6 because its just as important! Its all about balance. You can't sit in silence alone for too long cause we might lose ya......we also shouldn't be around people ALL the time or we won't have any time for reflection. But time with your loved ones is so so important. I don't know what I would do without my friends and family they are such a part of what I see from my perspective that life just wouldn't make sense without them. Make dinner , get coffee or tea, try out the spicy new spinning studio down the street, sit in the s u n s h i n e and enjoy some glow-time. Whatever you fancy, spend time with your people EVERY day! They usually get you out of your slump, have you one, whether you like it or not.
  • D a i l y Discipline #8: Keep your space clean. Take off your shoes at the door (aloha), clean the dishes after you finish your meals, wipe down the counters every day, add purifying plants and oils to your home, organize your refrigerator and pantry. So much stress is a result of messy work/creative/home space. Its so so so so so soooo easy to keep tidy if you just practice it and practice it. My wonderful mother instilled psychotic cleaning methods in my head and I am so happy for that. Somehow they all go out the window when Im visiting home, but we'll leave that mystery unsolved. You are too beautiful to live in a messy space and its just plain unattractive! Just make sure you use safe cleaning products, please!
  • D a i l y Discipline #9: Learn something new every day. I could read recipes, health blogs, wellness journals, listen to Michael Pollan and David Wolfe videos, and test out my amateur cooking skills until the cows came home. Not to mention how much my sister teaches me! The more you learn, the more you continue to activate those brain cells, the more you stay on track. Just because you finished college and know exactly what to do everyday at your fancy new 9 to 5 job doesn't mean you should just come home, open a beer and wake up and do it all again. There is  a plethora of information out there these days folks and it is right at your fingertips! Order a new book, learn how to play the guitar, learn a new language, study ancient texts, watch documentaries (not the bachelor!). Read up, y'all or the rest of the world will pass ya by.
  • D a i l y Discipline #10: Rest!!!!!!!!!! Especially during the work week, cause you just never know what the weekend will bring. We move at the speed of light these days and, yes, our bodies are slowly evolving but just do your self a favor and get some sleep! Who cares if your favorite tv show comes on at 10 pm every night, getcha self some DVR. When our bodies sleep, they have a chance to repair and reset before the next circus begins. Get on a normal sleeping schedule and try to get at least 7 hours a night.......I stay true to my 9 hours. But some people can function on 6-7 depending on your body type. I just find that 9 is my magic number when it comes to fully detoxing and keeping my digestion in check so that as soon as I wake up Im ready to conquer. Who cares if people call you a grandma for going to bed early, they are going to be the ones fatigued and craving sugar and coffee out the wazoo. Early to bed, early to shred. I promise you there is life even when you go to bed a little earlier than usual. We do it for the soul.