The spotlight is on adaptogens in 2016

Were living in the most stressful, anxious, disconnected times quite possibly ever in history and its apparent that instead of hanging on for dear life, our solution is to work with what we have where we are to achieve our balance. It couldn't be any more perfect timing for adaptogens to enter the picture and save us from this crisis! I feel the stress + anxiety begin to surge more and more every year and its not how we are supposed to live! Guilty as charged, the grind has us wrapped and the vortex doesn't seem to be weakening as long as we sit back and allow the ways of the world to plunge us head first into this vortex. Thank heavens herbalism is finally beginning to catch on in the {wild west} and we can finally begin to fine tune our bodies as the well-oiled machines they were designed to be.

A little bit of Reishi in your morning tea + Triphala in your evening salad dressing is no joke when it comes to nurturing the divine within yourself. These are the fruits the universe is allowing us to use in times of need. . . . which is now! We are sicker than ever yet have more access to information + knowledge than we can even fathom. And were gravitating towards this highly educated system that we would like to think propels us into a successful, happy way of life. When really, your vehicle. Your body, your mind, your soul, your feelings . . . . is the one manifesting all of this succession. What happens when your vehicle is polluted? Rigidity arises in the form of anxiety, depression, confusion, cravings, sickness, hyperactivity, lethargy, sorrow, addiction, dependence, and so on and so forth.

Lets try and meet our systems in the middle and make the most of the energy we have on the daily. The world isnt going to slow down and simplify, which is why its up to you to do the internal work! Homeostasis never felt so good. We all know that small changes, small bits of insight, small breakthroughs or epiphanies, and small bits of inspiration can inevitably lead to greater change and move mountains. Give your body its favorite form of fuel and I think you would be surprised with what it can do for you.

Try my Glow-mama tonic to experience, feel and see the color of health from the inside out.

I feel a shift happening, do you?






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