Energetics of self-healing

Just as cheating on a test wont make you smarter, skipping the middle work when it comes to self-healing wont help you prosper either. If you don't know what steps to take in order to reach an end point, you will never know or learn how to do it the second go around. Seemingly endless amounts of health and wellness research is brought to our smartphones and tablets constantly throughout the day in an effort to help spur the interest in self-healing as our first line of attack to combat the "three commons": heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Whatever simple health tip we are presented with at any given moment is presented to us in a way that underlines one thing: we need to consume more of this or practice more of that. If we do so, we will reach vibrant health. We are so lucky to live in a world where wellness warriors wake up every day presenting us with juicy, herbal discoveries and common misconceptions , but what about the learning curve?

The energetics of self-healing are just as important as the healing itself. Without fully understanding how our body works in synergy with the latest superfood or superherb, we may only be able to harness the healing abilities of that food to a certain degree. Sure, we now know that sea salt is actually very healthy for us, whereas table salt is the devil of the year. We know that roasting veggies in olive oil is actually detrimental to our health due to the low smoke point. Butter actually is good for us and we should consume leafy greens at every meal. But do we really take the time to visualize the butter lubricating our intestines? Or the tiny little fibers within the greens chiseling away the impurities clogging up our colon and rejuvenating each and every little cell, helping it stay balanced and buoyant?

There is a major deficiency going on when we meet our meal. We understand what is healthy for us and what is not, but we are forgetting the most important aspect of it all: consciousness. Consciousness, in my opinion, is the most important part of self-healing. The speed you sip your water, the way you peruse the produce section at the grocery store, prepping your food with love and intention, the way you set the table, guarding the oven like your child when your roast is cooking, imagining each bite revamping your goddess vibes like no tomorrow. This is good stuff man! Stabbing your fork into your salad bowl is just as detrimental as frying those brussel sprouts in canola oil. Assuming medicinal mushrooms will heal your anxious tendencies without learning how they actually perform in the body isnt going to cut it.

If you truly want to experience the full range of motion, you need to understand how to get from point A to point B, this aint no leap frog! Visualize the action within the body and the results you are seeking and self-healing will manifest without question. The energetics of self-healing are just as imperative as the healing itself. Although we live in an instant-gratification type world, the steps along the way ultimately bring more clarity to the entire succession of the process.

Try tuning in this weekend. Explore how maca powder enters and exits the body and the reactions along the way. Research why it is critical for digestion to chew each bite of food. Discover when it is best to eat cooling foods as opposed to warming foods. Figure out what happens to your metabolism when you combine cinnamon, honey and ginger root in your morning tea.

Do you want to be the cheater or the one with the answers?