The truth is this: a Shift in consciousness is happening

my alpha. my best friend. my other secret soul. (polihale state park, kauai, hawaii) photo by: Elliot Lucas

my alpha. my best friend. my other secret soul. (polihale state park, kauai, hawaii) photo by: Elliot Lucas

As I'm in the toddler stages of creating my own wellness collective, one of the things that has kept me going is the idea that everything I am doing is working towards perpetuating the shift that some of you may even be unaware is happening: an extreme universal expansion of consciousness. That is the goal, right? Expansion of consciousness?

We have realized the power of organics, we are starting to recognize the importance of conscious eating + exercising, were drinking crystal infused water and our pantry shelves now hold less crap and more mason jars filled with sprouted quinoa.  Some may see these changes as cleaning up our "lifestyle", but I see it as a stage in our journey to pure consciousness. I see it as the universes way of guiding us through the stages necessary in order to help us remember why we are actually here. We are making these changes in attempt to avoid illness or discomfort and bring mental clarity into our lives because for some reason or another, we know we need it. Through all of these clean swaps, as minor as they are, they all add up and are ultimately moving us toward overcoming this stage we are in: F E A R. 

Much of what is being talked about lately is how much of a "global crisis" we are in in terms of financial, emotional, and physical health. Sick, compliant, overweight, depressed, anxious, selfish, angry, artificial and violent are themes that i am constantly seeing when I turn on the television. Although one can choose to refrain from watching television in order to avoid these images all together, we cant see this as negative as this all part of the process. Just as a yogi must overcome their own fears in order to reach a higher level of practice, souls collectively must learn fear in order to overcome fear and enter a higher level of consciousness and remember love. All of these themes that we perceive as being negative and are permeating our lives is nothing but part of the journey through ascension (expansion of consciousness) and ultimately teaching us good from bad or right from wrong. Some are already beginning to experience enlightenment + beginning to remember while others may still be stuck in the ego trap and refusing to open themselves to experience. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but only at first.......only until you begin to move higher and believe again. The ego is so powerful that it has led us to perceive ourselves as just a physical body who wants to drink coffee and wear expensive shoes. The problem is that this really gets us nowhere but in a vicious, lateral cycle of giving and taking as opposed to a vertical progression of finding our true selves. 

There is a reason why you may be experiencing more and more deja-vu lately, why we're resorting back to basics at home, we for some reason or another have been drawn to this idea of "simplifying" our lives, and all of a sudden we're drawn to a more whole-listic (holistic) approach to living. This is because we have entered an exciting time on the planet and finally beginning to remember. Awareness is permeating our social circles and cities, despite the extreme concentrations of clashing energies. The more people I talk to, the more I am able to notice we are beginning to feel each other again. We have the choice of when we want to begin our ascension (expansion of consciousness). For some it may begin with what you feed your physical body, others it may be resorting to the woods and living within the elements, or something as simple as striving to drink cleaner water.  Case in point: fear is all part of the process and just as all goods things come in time, patience is a beautiful thing!

Everyone will go about beginning their journey in different mediums, but one thing is for sure: its happening right now and its looking like its pretty contagious :)

"No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness it was created"