experience imbalance

B a l a n c e.

Everyone's doing it, right???? Maybe it seems that way because its on my mental forefront almost all the time, or maybe its actually because there's a shift happening within our universal consciousness, but word on the street these days is that its totally cool to strive for balance no matter what your reasoning. Its no longer something for our granola, salt-stick-deodorant loving, free spirited movers + makers! its proven to be VERY EFFECTIVE at improving our overall quality of life. And, lets be real, our people seem to be in a bit of a crisis on that front. So lets all equal out babes! Equilibrium here we come, the "American Dream" is something of the past.

Yet even though we've found balance to be the cure, our world doesn't stop, and we will most likely continue to keep doing way more multi-tasking than we were designed too! Unfortunately there's a negative to every positive, but finding balance is just that: finding light in every darkness, trusting that the sun will come out after it rains, and getting enough sleep so that when we wake up we can take a 180 and be uber-productive and rested enough to properly treat our temples with CARE.

So as the problem solvers we are, we have designed things such as bulletproof coffee, green juice bars, sugar-free chocolate chip cookies (merh...), and yoga studios that are ironically the busiest just before weekend brunch. Its almost as if we have already figured out what we NEED to do in order to achieve balance, but still cant get there simply because we are expecting instant-gratification and not accepting our reality. Sure, that green juice makes you feel d**n good at a cellular level, but its not the end all for lifelong equillibrium.

I feel the answer is actually what people don't want to hear: You will always experience imbalance whether you like it or not! And we need to be okay with that!! Just as you will never know what happiness feels like until you hit rock bottom, how will you ever know the difference between balance and imbalance if you don't have a little taste of each one?

As much as Id like to say I am the most balanced being out there, I am most definitely not! I very much trick myself into thinking that if I am consistent with my healthy eating, keep on my yoga practice, practice positive thinking, and keep my spine healthy + flexible, I will be Queen of Balance. And that's okay, Ive become okay with that! I just need to remind myself to surrender to the experience and relish in the reality that i am NOT in control of this world and never will be! No matter how many pounds of wheat grass you drank this year, imbalance will find you at some point or another as that is what the universe is ultimately trying to teach us: finding fluidity in between this chaos we have come to find as our daily lives.

Something I am practicing this year is manifestation through writing, voicing, and ultimately performing my intentions. What goes around comes around and I am continuing to be surprised at how your energy and hard work comes right back to you, in one form or another. I try and theme each week, so that every day i have a little halo of focus above me that helps me achieve my intentions for the week and keeps me feeling safe in my own actions.

This week my theme is fluidity, as I have been having a hard time finding balance and staying grounded lately due to way too many things going on at once. See what I mean? This life aint nothing but a game of chess against yourself, your schedule, and how you perceive the universe' signals! Be okay with alternating between balance + imbalance as it is the way that the world works.

Cheers to a great weekend ahead full of h i g h, h i g h vibes.