KENSHO // "ken means "seeing" sho means "nature, essence". Kensho is your initial insight, not Buddhahood. It is to be followed by further training to deepen this insight, and learn to express it in daily life."


When you experience Kensho, you experience your true nature, apart from any dualities you may have found in the past. It is truly a beginning stage of enlightenment, and when you take notice of finding kensho, it is your dharma to act on this insight and weave it into your daily stream of consciousness. 

Think of kensho as a breakthrough. An "ah-ha" moment that completely changes everything. Naturally, we come into kensho as we age and move through life experiences. Kensho is like being drunk on reality. The stars, lets say, start to align. 

I almost always find kensho peppering my mind post yoga practice. I have started keeping a notebook + writing utensil nearby my mat so that when these moments start to trickle in, I can quickly write them down. This is my writers block Christmas, but doesn't happen every practice,  usually only after times of practice that fall in time periods of great confusion within my work + sex + personal life. I do believe that kensho presents itself far more than we think, its just a matter of picking up on the signals and listening to the universal signs. IT takes tuning into your own energy and the frequencies around you in order to recognize all of the invisible kensho balloons flying above you.