CRAPPY TO COSMIC// 3 ways to give your salad an elevated boost

Image via Taline Gabriel

Image via Taline Gabriel

I am an avid salad lover. I have salads 1-2 meals every day, but Im talking about more than just the cucumber + spinach + walnut with balsamic vinaigrette bullshit we are provided with almost everywhere. "Don't worry, we have salad!", only to look over and see a portion of browned greens with almost white tomatoes and "herbed" croutouns and italian vinaigrette is why I have major trust issues. I wouldnt like to eat salads either every meal if i kept on believing this is all there was. 

Salads should be big, sexy, and chock full of myriad superfoods that makes your cells sing and your microbiome jump for joy. I discovered my love for salads as the main course after 6 months of a raw, vegan diet. I would eat salads every night the size of my head, maybe bigger, that gave me three days worth of fiber and bowel movements worth writing home about. The volume of my meals at night were outrageous to me at first, but my body soon started to crave the abundance of hydration and all of the creativity that came along with it. Spiraled veggies never get old, but bad salads too. 

Your inner cosmic can be manifested through your food in the form of high vibrational salads that connect you to your meal at a buddhiful level. Hijack your salad game + nourish the mind with a few simple but creative ways to nourish your salad so that it can nourish your spirit. 

Nourishing salads nourish the spirit. and remember, salads don't  have to be fully raw! we are moving into cooler months, so cooked veggie salads are imperative to keep our bodies wanting more of them.

sea vegetables |my favorite way to get added iodine into my meals is by tossing dulse + nori flakes on top and mixing well. they enhance the flavor profile of the salad and serve as a great substitute for sea salt.

cordyceps maple-walnuts |combine 1 cup walnuts with 2 tbsp of maple syrup + 2 tsp cordyceps mushroom to create a sticky salad topping rich in polysaccharides. 

coconut bacon| toss 1/4 tsp liquid smoke +1 tablespoon maple syrup +1 tablespoon liquid aminos with some coconut flakes and bake at 350 until crispy, smoky plant based bacon crumbles manifest.