How to stop self-medicating with food

Are you relying on caffeine to make up for your irresponsible decision to get less sleep? Sugar as a stress outlet? Alcohol so we can "be social"? Excess animal products because we are told we need more protein and are too lazy to explore the world of plant life? 

We need to stop abusing the purpose of food, just because we can, and stop feeding the physiological cycle of why we use the common culprits in the first place. The neurological + hormonal impacts certain foods have on the body go far past instant gratification. The more you eat foods  "in moderation" (dont take this one too far) that are 100% all over the board detrimental to your health the more layers of neurological disruption you will add to the circus. That means getting clean for good will be that much harder as you will be working against your brain. Don't mess with the brain. 

Certain foods affect us just like and sometimes worse than addictive drugs we most often think of. My mother looks at me like Im crazy when i put sugar in the same category as cocaine. I absolutely refuse to enable sugar consumption if I can help it. When you strategically remove addictive foods from your life, its almost impossible to even picture your life with them in it. the only difference is that you feel way clearer in the head. The geniuses who created processed foods combine sugar, salt, fat, flavorings, and additives in specific ratios designed to make our body not be able to stop. They craft our foods with the intention of addiction as a result of neurological bursts of reward firing at light speed within our brains. This hyper-tripping of our reward systems and impaired satiability meter leaves us literally never taking our hand out of the cookie jar. This leads us down a dark alley way of hormonal + neurological + physical chaos. 

Leptin is the hormone that is responsible for signaling satiation. When we become obese,  this hormone is lost and we are unable to determine when we have had enough. Turning to physical fullness, we max out the stretch in our stomachs until we literally cant. eat. anymore. This is almost too classic. Without getting too much into the poor ethics of processed food chemistry, give the frozen food a MAD rest. 

The first obvious answer is to not buy the stuff. Cookies + frozen dinners + hot dogs have a place in the world and it is not your home. If you do find yourself come into contact with these toxic killers! ask yourself what on earth is the point of stripping your insides of vitality all for the sake of man made flavor. Resetting your taste buds is no easy feat (post coming soon) but when you do you will regain natural sensation and be able to redirect your intentions towards sustainable practices. Take note and jot down triggers you notice that lead you to certain foods. Why and what are you self medicating? 

Most of us are literally (yes I am an American girl and I say literally alot) walking around every day half-conscious. We submit to vulnerability most often when it comes to food + beverage. By all means, food and drinks should be heavily celebrated. But not the ones that make our insides move at turtle speed! Balls to the wall baby, this is 2016 we know better than to scruff that don't serve. 

We all have our vices. I know it doesn't sound like too bad of a vice but mine are most definitely bagels + almond butter + coffee. Pick your poisons but know them and their triggers well. We are reaching the end of an era of self medication  through food. 

A FEW thingS I can offer you that has worked for me to efficiently remove addictive foods from my life is to stick with routine. I live a very routine life so that my work can be violently creative. Structure and repetition within my eating habits has led me nowhere but settled.  find a few solid meals that you can whip up in a flash so that you dont have to contemplate whether or not you should order pick up. Eat atleast one meal the same every day (my first mini meal of the day is almost always a couple pieces of fruit with some homemade nut butter). research shows that people who eat habitually every day are more likely to eat less + more intuitivelykill your tv. stop filling your instagram feeds with tempting trigger foods/companies/accounts that will signal to your brain that you need those foods again. limit or eliminate your television time as this is almost directly linked to impulsive, unconscious eating. STAND YOUR GROUND. MOST LIKELY, YOUR FRIENDS ARE STILL GOING TO FLOOD THEIR BODIES WITH LESS THAN STELLAR FOODS + BEVERAGES. THATS TOTALLY FINE. LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND DITCH THE DIRT. THEY WILL THANK YOU LATER. SWAP THE SHOP. IF YOU KEEP FINDING YOURSELF BEING TEMPTED BY CHEMICAL LADEN FOODS, CHANGE YOUR GROCERY STORE! FIND A HEALTH FOOD STORE THAT WILL OFFER MORE HEALTHFUL OPTIONS OR OPT FOR ORGANIC MEAL DELIVERY SUCH AS SAKARA TO KNOCK OUT THE FUSS ALTOGETHER. 

post inspired by Mark Sisson*