The insides of our bodies are just as picky as a traveling vegan. Cut to the chase. The temperature of your water is important. Ancient (still working) systems of healing such as TCM and Ayurveda advise against drinking cold water as it causes the insides to shrink, become brittle, and more susceptible to cracking. Sounds like a recipe for osteoporosis and tight hips to me! Sure, a glass of cold water on a hot day is sometimes the only way to make it past 3 pm, but when you start associating the temperature of your water, or any liquids, with the efficiency of digestion + energy levels I think you may rethink that cold 16 oz bottle of New York tap water. 

With numerous conditions + imbalances stemming from indigestion these days, I would say our first line of attack should be to get things moving again. I used to see an acupuncturist back in Richmond who looked at me and could tell that I was not absorbing nutrients. I was also following a raw vegan diet in the middle of winter in Virginia at the time with a highly vata constiution. Safe to sayI had cold hands and feet. And my bowel movements (BM'S) were nothing to write home about. I clearly had not gotten the memo of keeping my kidneys warm, or any part of my body warm for that matter, that winter. One thing he did inform me of was that I needed to cut the BS with the cold foods + liquids and start defrosting my insides. He also gave me an herbal formula to take for 3 months to clear up lingering stagnation, but back to water.

I now like to think of my intestinal walls like coconut oil. We add head, everything lubricates and slides through nice and smoothly. When we let coconut oil drop below a certain temperature, it is hard as a rock and takes quite some effort to chisel it off the surface. You can think of the food in your intestinal tract in the same way. The colder your foods and drinks are, the more likely they are to slow down and possibly stagnate in the digestive tract. Not to mention how much vital energy they will zap along the way, with digestion taking up to 60% of our daily energy requirements. 

My water game has now changed. After i filter my water, I keep a large gallon glass jug with some quartz crystals in the bottom on my counter top. This ensures access to room temperature water at all times, infused with vibrant energy that keeps purity in my bloodstream. 

Next time you dine out......No ice, please. 


image via tumblr