10 hours might make you laugh, but sleep is time and time again the problem solver to all of my woes. Most people are afraid to admit they slept for more than 8 hours. Because 8 hours is our recommended log time by whoever created that rule. I think the someone who came up with that rule clearly didnt take into account the amount of stress people are faced with these days. The point of sleep is to rest + recover. To rebuild + burn off impurities. To give the brain some down time to suck up any last trickle of nutrition it needs in order to function 100% upon waking. We do, afterall, live in a boss mode world. And i like it. 

I also love my sleep. without sleep my cravings skyrocket, my workouts blow, and my skin looks like i regularly take baths salts. Nah. 

a good night of sleep is just as euphoric as a passionate round in the bedroom. Our vitality is amplified, we purge things inside of us that have no purpose for the next day, and our  mood is instantly lifted. those people that "arent morning people" should maybe try getting a couple more hours of sleep a night! I am proud to say that i aim for 10 hours of sleep a night. In order to be creative, nourished, and physically driven, sleep + hydration is first and foremost. not to mention i love dreaming. ive been working towards lucid dreaming, maybe not as consistently as i would wish, for a few months now. the clarity of a good night sleep and soul-driven vivid dreams is enough to send a creative mind into ecstasy. 

here are my top 5 reasons i choose snooze to heal my woes:

sleep improves sex life

sleep allows your muscles to build effortlessly.

the quality of your workday improves. hello brain function.

good nights sleep sloshes sugar cravings

practice time towards lucid dreaming.

if you have trouble falling asleep there are a few things you can add to your nightly routine:

sexy time// talk about getting the last of your daily energy out. out with the old.

abyangha// warm some sesame oil on the stove, massage in circular motions starting from the top of you head to the bottom of your feet. i love adding some eucalyptus + lavender oil.

ashwagandha + chamomile + blue lotus night time tonic

4-7-8// inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8. repeat 3 times. 

sit with your legs up against the wall, breathe for 3 counts in and 3 counts out. 10 rounds. 

massage your lower abdomen in counterclockwise circles for a couple minutes,then lay on your left side.