a true coffee addict is someone who goes around telling everyone they see how many days they have gone this week without coffee. that true coffee addict is me. i quit coffee a lot, but have been loyal to my body constitution and have it only a few times a week, just to keep it working but not sending me into a full fledge floor fest of an anxiety attack. I  think im more into the idea of something warm + uplifting in the morning, but since i am out of my favorite Mizuba matcha (tins on tins coming soon, thank preesus!) i gave myself a reason to make some psychedelic cold brew to go along with this psychedelic lifestyle i am trying to practice, sans hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. ill stick to Sun Potion chaga.  

I know this isn't warm, but its way less acidic than the pot coffee and sure is uplifting for those of you who want to join me on this "moderately managed" 3X a week coffee fiasco. Its also the perfect midday pick me up if you aren't too hungry but feel like having a little something to get your second half of the day on full blast creative mode. Let be honest, creatives need caffeine.

Did you know that rose essential oil has the highest vibration of all foods? There isn't rose oil in here, but the petals are as  close as I could get to injecting this magic concoction with Cosmopolitan worthy additions. Make sure you opt for organic java to get max flavor. Dont hesitate to swirl in some Sun Potion chaga + reishi to go along with this badass in a cup action and help your HPA axis digest the boost.

ROSE PETAL COLD BREW//makes 12 servings

2 cups organic ground coffee
1 cup rose petals
32 oz crystal water (24 oz if you want it strong as hah!)
frozen organic strawberries for ice cubes (total food combining no-no but there was zero ice in the house...)

Pour coffee grounds + petals into 32 oz jar, followed by the crystal water (regular water works as well).
Cover the jar and let sit in the fridge overnight or for 12-24 hours. Go for 24, its worth it.  
Drain the cold brew from the petals + grounds. 
Store cold brew in large glass jar. 

*Use the rose petals + coffee grounds with some olive or coconut oil for an easy body scrup. Caffeine draws impurities out of the skin, removing cellulite.

ALMOND CREAMER// makes about 8 servings, SS 1/4 cup

1/2 cup soaked almonds
3 cups crystal water
8 drops vanilla stevia
salt to taste

Blend almonds + water on high until almonds broken up. 
Strain the almond through nut milk bag. 
Blend the almond creamer + stevia + salt together. Store in fridge in glass jar

*Keep the almond pulp to add to weekend pancakes or to bulk up your morning smoothies
*Keep almond pulp, mix with 3 T lavender petals, 2 T coconut oil, 2 T honey for a exfoliating face mask.