Take a minute and think about how you define "I". Who is "I"? Up until now, or even in the present moment, how do you fit into the role of your definition of your own version of yourself. We live in an age where when we send something out (which is now very very often) we either get a positive or negative response or level of feedback. As a person who is running their e-commerce business almost entirely off of social media, I find myself having to really stop, clean up my head space, and cool down my ego. I live in Kauai, so my most effective avenue of reaching the mainland traffic is through social media platforms. Without extremely putting myself out there, consistently, my efforts as an online entrepreneur could quickly become obsolete. 

I have noticed two things: people like to see people + people like to see somewhat raw displays of who you actually are. I study + struggle constantly with feed satisfaction (i know! Its a thing) as I see so many movers + makers on instagram create effortlessly beautiful posts in far away places that just unfortunately not in my budget these days. Starting a business drains almost 80% of my weekly income. And i love it. Because I am an avid collector of all things, and this dedication to building something off of nothing but my creative drive truly shows me how hard I work. I havent bought new clothes since August, and thats really saying something. Beside the point.......

Quite often I find myself slipping into or towards the role of my ever-strong ego, and away from the real person who is making magic. I have to stop myself, remind myself, and keep my content clean and real. Especially the instagram posts that I write just after my morning coffee or matcha, or when Im pressed for time but just really need to get a post out. The ego lies in the conscious mind and can easily be confused as confidence, when its really just arrogance.

Over inflated egos slowly destroy our creativity. The ego is driven by society, so when we start to get false feedback on posts that actually drive the ego as opposed to deconstruct it, we begin putting boatloads of energy into all the wrong places.

I notice  that as I build my brand, move into my own style, I become extra defensive when I feel someone else is replicating my mood or overall approach to business. This is the ego refusing to compromise and lay claim to some pretty bitchy territory. Eventually, catching myself, I clean up my negative thoughts and accept that this is how business works and it has nothing to even do with me or my dreams. 

If you find yourself easily offended, remind yourself to take a chill pill (or Ashwagandha shot) and revel in the fact that we have the ability to let our thoughts become our reality. If you start to believe that you are constantly proving yourself to society, you will be in constant conflict with your ego. And the ego strengthens itself QUICKLY. If only my biceps grew as fast as my ego. 

Don't cook your ego. It can destroy your potential. Instead, twist it out to release all that creativity in your spine (yes, yoga induces extreme creativity!) and challenge yourself to making a raw vegan dessert. Now that is how we build long-lasting confidence, not arrogance.