the kind of dope you want to have on supply.

dopamine. dopamine. dopamine. my 19 year old self might immediately think to either sex, alcohol, or (man made) ecstasy upon hearing this word. but my 24-year old self now immediately thinks of tonic herbs that release the most dopamine in my frazzled but forward thinking brain. as i sit here on a sunday, eyes, glued to my computer screen manifesting and werkin on a future empire. no im kidding. but as i sit here sipping on my second cacao mucuna latte of the day, i wonder how i would be getting my dopamine had i not picked up a violent interest in plant chemistry + their effect on the human mind and body. Probably not something very healthy that would most likely entail me staying up past the magic hour of 1 am. 

We can obtain dopamine from tons of sources, a few common ones in which im sure most of us get our daily dose. I mentioned  a few posts back how coffee, low magnesium levels, meat, cheese, alcohol, cocaine,  fermented foods, relationships, sex, fresh air, sleep, exercise and so many other things allow our body to release that feel good supply of dopamine into our bodies, making us come back for more of whatever source we fancied. Im sure you can pick out the ones that we want to favor, but ill let you decide. 

no matter how old the cheese is, how many times they distilled the vodka, or how grass-fed the meat may be, I just cant get behind those least not ALL the time. Here are 5 high vibe ways to get that dose of dope. any day and every day.

one. MUCUNA PRURIENS: contains L-dopa, the precursor to dopamine. this is my favorite way to get a little boost of boss bitch in my cup before embarking on one of those days where you just need to ensure kindness + could use a little pep in your personality.   

two. COLOSTRUM: this vanilla ice cream flavored magic white powder is my tasty treat in the morning, mixed with a little coconut nectar and black charcoal in a shot glass. one spoonful to the mouth and I'm instantly moved towards a more regulated array of seretonin + dopamine.

three. ASHTANGA YOGA: move with intention! Un-kink that fascia so that you take your body awareness from 0 to 100 beauty, real quick.  when we are fully intertwined in our bodies, we require less dopamine depleting substances (coffee, sugar, alcohol) to make us feel like Beyonce. 

four. ROUTINE: I stay true to my routine lifestyle. Try and balance your day with exercise, rest, work, and creativity to keep all the levels in check so that your dopamine levels never get depleted. 

five.  UJAYII BREATHING: if you are already practicing ashtanga, then you have this one covered. oxygenating the body deep into the lower extremities helps raise our vibration, boosts our mood, and skyrockets energy levels. try this paired with 5 sun salutations before breakfast for a served up slice of choke morning glory. 


In addition to having 5 awesome new (legal) ways to get that dopamine, be sure to avoid sugar + caffeine + alcohol as they are the warriors of depleting our dopamine levels and leaving us insta-drained the second they shoot through our system. I am a coffee fan, but I am no where near being a fan of sugar. Sugar is a force of fire to be reckoned with. It wrecks our sleep patterns, gives us next to no sustainable energy and excess is like throwing a torch to your beautiful skin. Happy sunday!