MULADHARA | a meditation to activate your root chakra

The root chakra is the foundation of your psychedelic body. It's located at the base of the spine and pelvic floor, where your sense of safety and security lies. In Sanskrit, Mula means "root" and Adhara means "support" or "base." By being balanced in your root chakra, you're able to open all other chakras and channels in the body. As the saying goes, ROOt to rise. You can't build (yourself, your empire, your relationships, your life) without a strong foundation.  

When the root chakra is blocked, it's likely due to suppressed emotions including anxiety, fear, shame and guilt. Physically, there may be imbalances in your colon, bladder, lower back or issues with elimination. To rebalance + ground: MEDITATE. It allows you to connect back with your self, your emotions, your truths. you have all the tools within that you need to navigate and r i s e. 


whether you're new to Practice or just getting into the groove, incorporate this four-part meditation + mantra every day for a week to experience noticeable shifts in the body. It's time to nix anxiety, fear, shame and guilt in order to welcome acceptance and abundance so that your psychedelic little heart may feel lighter, more grounded and free. 

Step One | grounding Savasana

Find a comfortable, quiet place and lie down in savasana, your most grounded state that connects you to the earth. Place one hand over your lower belly and one hand over your heart. Activate your breath to tune in, feeling your belly expand with each inhale and contract on each exhale. Here, you're calming the nervous system, which helps to lower cortisol levels. Feel the weight of your limbs pressing down against the earth and notice any tightening or resistance in the body. Soften, relax. Take 10 full, deep breaths in and out through your nose. From there, slowly start to make your way over to one side, landing in fetal position with the option to use your arm underneath you as a pillow for support. Honor this nurturing space and notice if anything has ALREADY BEGUN to shift in your body. 

Step Two | Seated Meditation

Work your way up to a comfortable seated position (re: this doesn't need to look or feel fancy) and close your eyes, resting your hands on your knees with your palms facing down, for grounding. Notice your posture, lifting through the spine and reaching the crown of your head up towards the ceiling. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears and then roll them back, so that you remain open in the heart, shoulders relaxed. On each inhale, visualize your breath rising out through the crown of your head, up towards the sky. With each exhale, watch your breath fall down through your root, down through the earth. The breath is the vehicle for getting the stagnant and stale energy out. So dig up the emotional discomfort with each inhale (anxiety, fear, shame, guilt) and let it go with each exhale. You're physically purging out the toxic, excess and unnecessary in order to remove any blockages in the body. For deeper purging, take exhales out through the mouth. Don't be afraid to let your breath be heard, especially if it's just you in the room.

Step Three | Setting an Intention + building the fire

Bring your hands together in prayer at the center of your heart and start to build a fire (friction) between your palms, rubbing them together to feel the heat build. Take your hands and gently place them over your eyes, melting away any lingering tension or stress. Slowly let your hands wash down your face, returning them to heart center. Take your chin in towards your chest, allowing you to re-connect with the self and your root. This is your time to set an intention for yourself, your mantra.

Step Four | the Mantra

I am NOT fear. I am NOT shame. I am NOT guilt. Whatever emotion is causing you to feel blocked, fill in the blank and begin to say it out loud, repeating it 10-15 times. Visualize that potent energy being sent down towards your root chakra. Hold it there. Hold that space. 

Slowly open your eyes, seeing your surroundings with physical and mental clarity. The colors around you should be noticeably more vibrant. yes? yes. 

For deepening your connection to your root chakra, wear + see RED. Gemstones such as garnet, bloodstone and carnelian are good for this. Carry them with you during the day and charge them up at night with a selenite wand, preferably next to you on your nightstand. 

hang on to your sweatpants, because you're on the fast track to living abundantly on this psychedelic journey. let's do the damn thing. 

allison is a yoga instructor, holistic lifestyle guide and creator of & BE WELL, a conscious approach to living well. she believes that women have the power to heal themselves through lifestyle practices that nourish the mind, body and spirit. Richmond, VA native and current Brooklyn, NY transplant, Allison strives to educate, empower + help other women heal. 

Allison Walton