HIPPIE LUNCHBOX  Trippy He Shou Wu chocolates for the soul

Dont worry. all these chocolates will make you trip on is high vibrational living, good hair, and divine gut health. they also make wonderful christmas gifts for those loved ones who give a hoot about liver + kidney detoxification. oh, and calming the nervous system after a long day on the twerk grind. he shou wu + colostrum make one heck of a dynamic duo as they protect the insides and let it show where you want it most: hair, skin, and nails. Colostrum, or the milky fluid produced by the mammary glands directly following birth is chock full of antibodies that help foster elevated immunity levels. 


he shou wu, translated as "He's black hair" for its ability to help restore hair color, is coined as a potent substance to prosper fertility and vitality among men and women and is a basic staple within the extensive chinese medicine cabinet. this herb stimulates the bodies ability to produce longevity antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase (HUGE, DEF TAKE NOTE HERE), the most potent antioxidant in the human body that literally breaks down harmful oxygen molecules in cells. oxidation of the body is no buenowhen we are electrically charged by antioxidants of utmost quality we can kiss our chances of developing oxidation-based sickness, such as cancer, goodbye. that is, as long as we are covering all of our other bases. 

among its extensive list of health benefits, he shou wu capitalizes on its ability as a strong sexual tonic + potent aphrodisiac. it is known by the chinese as a JING tonic, or vital essence tonic, in which it fires up our quality of life and rolls into skyrocketing our sexuality and drive......including drive for creativity. this vital essence tonic is our go to for maintaining and raising spiritual awareness as well as 360 degree beauty here at TSA. botox, no thank you. we may still color our hair though......


colostrum, or the milky fluid produced by the mammary glands directly following birth is chock full of antibodies that help foster elevated immunity levels and soothes the digestive tract. we know that beauty fosters from the health of our digestive tract (right, we are all on the same page here, kapeesh?) so in order to celebrate whole body health we must first turn to the lubrication and overall health of one of the intestines, one of our favorite organs. yep, we have favorites here. this ensures beyonce level digestive processing + ultimately proper absorption of nutrients. 

mv naturals bovine colostrum is biologically active, adaptogenic, contains whole food probiotics, and is an obvious answer to any anti-aging routine. we should all have the aging process down by now. we are made so available to all types of superfoods, information, and herbal powders. applying our knowledge is the next step. knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential. 


Often overlooked for a rich source of iron, protein, fiber, and magnesium is organic raw cacao powder! another potent aphrodisiac, our universal love for chocolate actually has some meaning behind it. we love enjoying cacao in weekend pancakes, raw nut butter cups, and in our morning adaptogenic tonic game. like, heyyyyy can i get some zinc in the form of luscious real chocolate? we used ananamide in these little trippy bites, for the extra adaptogen boost, but raw cacao powder works just as well.  


1/2 cup raw cacao butter, melted. (we used divine organics.)
1/4 cup raw honey (or more depending on sweetness preference.)
1/4 cup organic virgin coconut oil
1/2 cup sun potion ananamide powder (raw cacao works too)
1/4 cup sun potion tocotrienols
4 tsp mv naturals bovine colostrum powder
2-3 tsp sun potion he shou wu
1/2 tsp sea salt

chocolate molds or small trays for shaping. if you want to make chocolate bark, a plate will work just fine!

*shave down the cacao butter, create a makeshift double boiler with a bowl of hot water. place cacao butter shavings in a separate bowl and place this bowl inside the bowl of hot water. stir the cacao until full melted. 

  1. combine melted cacao butter + all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl. beat well until fully combined. 
  2. pour into chocolate molds or plate and place in freezer until hard. store in refridgerator and eat at your own will for a psychedelic beauty snack. 

cheers to trippy living, rooted in functional herbal nutrition.