Sundey Dillberg, among the rest of her OFF army, is THE FOUNDER OF Organic Functional Fitness and someone I trust giving my body to for 3 hours a week. Any more, and i think someone might think I got booty implants because the results are that real. 

Beyond the record time it takes the OFF army to get your booty in shape + make even the least coordinated of us (this includes me, 100%) to even remotely learn how to let go and shake your shit for one hour is the overall energy you feel as soon as you walk in the door. Its a good sign when you walk into a room + get a rush of adrenaline before you even begin. The frequency or tone of the studio is to superficially let go, but I think the intent behind Organic Functional Fitness has a way deeper meaning + more powerful effect on our minds. 

As an avid Ashtanga practitioner for many years, I noticed my strength slipping away as the closest Mysore studio on kauai was about an hour and a half away from me. Busier than I was when I first moved to island, the drive to the shala has unfortunately served as a barrier to steady practice. Although some may not agree, I need community to share my energy with and keep me back on my mat every morning. no shame.  This hurdle of distance has catapulted me into my first, surely not last, "Ashtanga valley". Some of my teachers noted to me that our Mysore practice will ebb and flow. Some years its strong + consistent + fulfilling, other years you sort of forget how to maintain the dedication and whats the point (dont tell sharat!).  This is entirely me making an excuse, by the way. Going from almost 5 years of 6 days/week Mysore style Ashtanga to maybe 3 days a week (excluding when I am teaching, but this is scattered practice and doesn't count for me!) it is safe to say i have noticed a change in my overall whole body state. And my exploration of second series. and sometimes my creative side. When we don't sweat + purge + twist out all of the cosmic clutter that inevitably  builds up in our body, Im convinced its too hard to pilage through all of the crap to find our dreamer side. 

I had heard about one of the classes, Hot Buddhi yoga, that had taken the female portion of kauai by storm. I mean booty-pumping-lets-stay-hype-baby-slay by storm. Girls would come into the juice bar I worked at the time just dripping sweat nearly crawling up to the counter begging for sugar free green juice + plant protein shakes. For months I reminded myself of my Ashtanga practice and that I needed to practice so that "all would come" and my strength wouldnt fail. I often thought of all of my teachers i have had or do have and hear their voices in the back on my head! But sure enough the FOMO exploded in me and long story short I am currently getting OFF 3-4 times a week. My favorite class, among many, is a combo of TRX + Hot Buddhi Yoga. It leaves me waddling out to my car and surely uses up all the fat I eat as fuel. The best part is that when I do indeed step onto  my mat, or make the trek to my studio up on the North Shore, my surprisingly maintained physical strength proves to me the power of a group of women in one room together sweating bullets, listening to twerk worthy beats, scorching negative self talk for good. 

Sundey Dillberg has created an entirely different market with OFF, her own market. I don't think that anyone could even replicate her style because her intellectual property is one to be reckoned with. It #blowsmymind how she gets OFF multiple times a day! Her werked bod and upbeat humor says it all though. She's in love with a movement to empower women + isn't afraid to have a champagne campaign every day and thats what we need more of. Modern balance is now available for purchase at Organic Functional Fitness