SEX TALK ∆ Make your hoo-ha smell like pineapples

Our hair, our nail beds, how moisturized our skin stays, our mood, and even our gastric juices are created off of the food we eat. This means that food that is less than abundance-forming, or food that sits in our stomach for too long can make our bedroom hours smell far from pleasant. Something that might lead to negative self bashing + feelings of unsexiness. 

Pee-yew, we want to keep that fruity, healthily hormone balanced pH down there. Yes? Thats why we load up on alkalizing adaptogens, plant-based provisions (mostly raw), warm digestive tonics and hella' water here at The Sisters Almanac. There are times when we will accept body odor of any sort, and that is in sporadic times of stress or when we have hit up the night life too hard and the dirty martinis are seeping out of our shea-buttered pores upon morning practice. 

The Kardashians were right about one thing: your hoo-ha absorbs what you eat and creates its delicate profile off of these very substances. This includes bacterial balance, odor, efficiency, and power. If you want your sexy time to smell like garlicky pizza or red meat, then by all means be our guest. but its our job to keep our third brain properly nourished so that we aren't left with discomfort of any sort. we all know how  that goes.

 we have found the secret recipe. it involves regular movement (that make you sweat), fascia nourishing foods + liquids such as moringa, chlorella and healthy water, and regular consumption of probiotic rich foods. Our favorites are colostrum, kombucha, and kimchi. 

keep in mind this holiday season that those holiday treats that are finding you at every corner could be slowly transforming your own individual flavor, if you feel us. take care of your hoo-ha. load up on all of the balancing lower-terrain food.