Why im never breaking up with ashtanga yoga

Its a love-hate relationship Ive got going here and I never want it to end. When Im feeling more negative or steering towards hate after a long day at work, a bad night of sleep, a conversation with a close friend that really just didnt end how I wished it would, I cry wolf. To my mat.

Ashtanga yoga is a disciplined practice consisting of challenging + mentally deconstructing asanas performed in a specific order spread throughout six series. The seventh series being dealing with your home/family life, off the mat. This one hits home (literally!) for me every time. I used to try and bounce around the fact that my day wasn't complete without paying my daily visit to my black mat in fear I would be criticized by my loved ones who "just didnt understand". But within the last year I have dabbled with the explanation of my sincere dedication to the practice and what i have come up with is that Ashtanga is my religion, in a way. Just like prayer, I show up every day. Just as it fills my life with clarity + meaning, I show up. Just as I see the world in a brighter light after I lay down to rest once my hour and half of "me time", I show up.

Many of you can relate to this dedication in the form of your faith to the lord. For me, I can agree with many that God is everywhere, in everything. This is how he has found me, as he will find everyone at some point in their life. My entire life I never considered myself religious in any way, as I stopped attending church at a very young age. It is safe to say I was lost up until I found something else, disguised as "yoga" that kept me thirsty for more.

So cheers to Ashtanga yoga, the lord, and every way he shines his light through each and every one of us because no matter what we all need a little more no matter how much we feel like we have.