Secrets secrets are no fun unless you tell everyone! Bacteria is the new black + I want it ALL OVER ME. As dirty as that sounds (punning hard), its the truth and was something I never thought I would say.

The kombucha craze has caught on like wildfire, for lack of better words, and more and more people are choosing probiotics over laxatives to help heal their digestive woes. Coconut kefir might as well be your best friend + a forkful of kimchi wouldn't hurt the waistline either. But what about your skin regimen? Couldn't that use a little bacteria too?

I am so thrilled to spread the word of a new skin care company, Mother Dirt, which carries clean skin care products that aren't damaging to your health or wallet. They carry anything from shampoo to body cleanser, but the breadwinner is by far their AO mist. The mist contains beneficial bacteria that helps tame blemishes and restores the healthy bacteria on your face needed for an even, glowing complexion. Concealer? No need no more!

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I am a psycho when it comes to moisturizer and skin products. Cant. live. without. them. My mom led by example on this one, slathering anything and everything all over herself before crawling into bed each night and her skin is pretty dang soft so I'm down with it. Skin care should be taken seriously + naturally.

Conveniently enough, Ive been battling a breakout, no excuse me a battlefield, with blemishes the size of a mini iPad the past week from applying layer upon layer of SPF 30 to my face (Ive logged a lot of beach time this past week!). When I don't apply SPF, i feel guilty. When I do, I run the risk of turning into pepperoni face.........not so hot for marketing the beauty belly! You win some you lose some. I think I'm winning again though.

Once or twice a day, depending on if I remember or not, I spritz the AO mist all over my face post cleansing. I wait a few minutes, apply my moisturizer, optional makeup and get on with my day. Unfortunately for my roommates, I refuse to wear deodorant so Ive been giving the underarms a little mist love before heading into work or before teaching. I figure that body odor stems from a toxic overload of some sort and that a little AO mist couldn't hurt. I haven't noticed Old Spice level improvements yet in terms of creating an unnaturally good-smelling underarm but hey.....The truth is this though: you won't have body odor unless you are eating something in your diet that is toxic to your health! When I drink coffee or alcohol, game over....

There is so much hype in preventing skin cancer these days yet people fail to remember what you put on your skin is just as important as limiting sun exposure during the day. We understand that good bacteria is beneficial to our health and that we should consume more of it to help clear up skin and digestive issues, but what about applying it directly to the skin? This way, were getting the good stuff in from both angles. You are what you eat, digest and apply to your skin! 

After experimenting with Mother Dirt, it has inspired me to take my skin care routine even further + I am working towards using coconut oil with some essential oil again as my only body moisturizer. Lotion works miracles but there are still some pretty yucky ingredients in the ones that claim to be free of all the "bad stuff". It may feel smooth and silky and smell like lavender but something tells me your cells are actually weeping after application. I reckon it will take a few weeks to get my skin weaned off of store-bought body lotion so Ill keep you posted on that front. For now just browse their site and see what all the hype is about. Mother dirt is absolutely reinventing skin care + I cant wait to see how their company prospers this 2016.

Positive thinking + healthy eating + regular exercise + clean skin care + self care + deep breathing = Y O U T H

Jump on the clean skin care routine, its going to be a gorgeous ride!



This review is based SOLELY on my personal experience.  My opinions are not affiliated with Mother Dirt. This is my honest breakdown of using the product on myself.  Products are not intended to treat any skin condition.


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