Cordyceps-chlorella mexican chocolate energy cubes + 10 reasons to eat mushrooms for fitness

We are gearing up to hike the magestic kalalau trail this weekend along the napali coast of kauai for my birthday weekend!!!......  My MOST IDEAL BirTHDAY IS FILLED WITH SUNSHINE, salt WATER, RAW FOOD, AND LITTLE TO NO ALCOHOL. COFFEE IF I PLEASE, AND LOTS OF movement. DEFINITELY FRUIT, AND DEFINITELY CHOCOLATE. Im not a big fan of hitting the bars for my birthday celebration, as my most comfortable self does not entail my drunk self. On my birthday, especially my goal is to keep myself feeling good! I would rather not be hungover my birthday or the day im trying this no party on my birthday thing out. Its worked out well for the past 4 years! I think my 21st birthday was the deal breaker......isnt that funny how that works? The day i turn 21 i suddenly lose any desire to throw em' back.

Ill save the slanging for the following weekend when i am having a joint celebration with my homegirl megan. Brace yourselves, i am still fully capable of getting white girl wasted.

As i was gathering supplies this week, i noticed all the "energy" gels and bars and poisons lining the shelves! This stuff tastes delicious with a capital d (omg the stingers! have you tried those? I bought a pack and happily ate them...) but the ingredients are Frankenstein scary! I know sustainable energy comes from raw, organic foods. so i set out to concoct a nice plant-based, portable source of energy loaded with cordyceps mushroom + chlorella. 2016 is the year of the mushroom and its only a matter of time until everyone is on the bandwagon. They are that powerful.

Within the last year I have decided to take my athleticism to a whole new level, and im not talking about working out more, harder, or longer. Whenever i feel adequately energized, i may run and yoga in the same day or do a longer practice, but what ive decided to do is focus more on pre, post, and restorative recovery every day. In other words, on proper nutrition in order to accelerate as an active soul. And im not talking about talking about using adaptogenic herbs, specifically medicinal mushrooms, to improve my stamina, endurance, and prevent me from crashing after long active weeks. I work full time, but i refuse to let my health + fitness slide no matter how many hours i clock in for the week. Mushrooms have helped me balance my hormones so that my energy levels are sustained, boosted my immunity to an all time high, and even helped improve overall definition from less work. Im not working out more, im maximizing the energy that i produce on any given day so that i have better quality workouts and keep the inner goddess alive when im on and off the clock. Ive resorted to the "quality over quantity mentality". Less grams (quantity) of protein, higher quality of protein. Less time on the pavement or on the mat, more prevalent breakthroughs. Adaptogenic herbs support the entire nervous system, keeping me driven, focused, alert, balanced,, connected, spiritual, energetic, positive, motivated, and creative so that whatever i am doing, im doing it with conscience. the expansion of consciousness is the goal!

10 reasons why you should be using medicinal mushrooms as part of your fitness routine:

  1. oxygenates the body
  2. improves stamina + endurance
  3. boost immunity
  4. creates definition + improves muscle tone (carve those abs)
  5. slows the aging process (extreme source of antioxidants)
  6. promotes a healthy sexual system
  7. promotes centeredness + sense of calm
  8. faster recovery time post workouts
  9. increase resistance to stress
  10. helps cultivate inner awareness

All it takes is a teaspoon a day in your favorite shake, coffee, salad dressing, or soup to reap the amazing benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

Look for chaga, Reishi, and cordyceps in the online shop. If sourcing elsewhere, make sure you are purchasing organic, high-quality mushrooms as we emphasize quality over quantity here at eli keaton.

Cordyceps-chlorella mexican chocolate energy cubes:

2 cups raw almonds
1 cup hemp seeds
2 cups of dates
4 tablespoons raw cacao powder
4 tsp cordyceps mushroom
2 tsp chlorella
1 tsp high-quality sea salt plus more for dusting
1 tsp chili powder plus more for dusting

Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until well combined. Roll out with a roller onto large flat surface (cutting board or clean countertop). Using a sharp knife, cut into 1 inch cubes and dust with a pinch each of sea-salt + chili powder.

Makes about 30 cubes! More or less depending on how big or small you make them.

*ADaptogenic delight
*dairy free
*gluten free