Spiced Reishi Walnut milk + less is more

I tend to overwhelm myself and try and do too many things at once. This ends up diluting my energy, leaving each and every entity of my life receiving a fraction of intention and thought.

Goals starting this new week are to immerse myself back into my yoga practice | make all my meals at home | catch up with old friends | motivate my next travel | revamp my meditation practice | deep sleep|

Now for the milk.......this liquid chocolate immune boosting nectar. I LOVE NUT MILK. I am lost without my morning milk warmed on the stove infused with gynostemma leaves or extra herbs depending on the day.

I like to think of Reishi as my daily multi-vitamin, strengthening the immune system and promoting longevity like nobody's business. The best things in life are found under the moon + stars. Mushrooms are one of them.

I love experimenting with new ways to incorporate the power of herbs into a realistic everyday routine. The hardest ones to please are the kids, usually, so I made this one with the babies in mind. Naturally sweetened, super chocolatey, dairy-free, preservative free, super nourishing, and boosted with Reishi mushroom. My favorite part about medicinal mushrooms is that they are TASTELESS. You can add them to anything and fool even the pickiest eaters.

Cacao for iron + magnesium, Walnuts for the omegas, Reishi for extreme antioxidant and immune system power, sea salt to promote healthy cell functioning + proper sleep, dates for a bit of potassium, and a couple spices just for good measure.


2 cups walnuts (soaked, rinsed, drained)
8 cups pure water
4 dates
1/4 cup cacao powder
4 tsp Reishi
1 tsp high-quality sea salt
1 tsp masala
1 tsp cinnamon


nut milk bag or cheesecloth
bowl with spout (any glass bowl will do, the spout just helps for pouring)
high-powered blender.
1/2 gallon jug for storage

  1. Because of the size of my blender and to make things run smoothly, I split my milk process into two parts. Blend 1 cup soaked walnuts with 4 cups of your pure water, strain through milk bag or cheesecloth into large glass bowl with spout. Repeat this process for remaining walnuts and water.
  2. Once you have squeezed all your fresh walnut milk, return the milk to the blender.
  3. Add dates, cacao, reishi, sea salt, masala, and cinnamon to blender.
  4. Blend on high until dates have finely broken up.
  5. Pour into glass jug and store in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Invitations for use: morning smoothies, oatmeal, chia pudding, coffee creamer, tea, soups, pancakes, waffles, milkshakes, by the glass.