Water has memory + it doesnt like heavy metal

Drink water. Lots of it. For that flat tummy + clear skin + fresher breath + cleaner mouth + healthy digestion + cell nourishment + MOOD. No matter how many glasses of ionized, reverse osmosis, magic dust containing agua youve got in that trendy BPA free water bottle of yours, what you should really think about it how you have acted around your water.....the alignment of molecules depends on it. As well as your overall sense of center + balance! I think a huge turning point for me was when I discovered just how important it is to be properly hydrated in order to stay youthful, combat cravings, and keep my endurance + energy skyrocketing. We are about 60% water, think about it.....

Water has memory and Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered something that might just rattle your consciousness a bit. Given that we are mostly water, we now know just how critical efficient hydration (water being the most natural way) is for reaching vibrant health and combating + preventing disease. We also know that our hot-Pilates-soul-cycle loving selves will do just about anything to feel a little more "zenned" out on the regular, with little to no extra effort. Maybe drinking more water is old news to you and you've already efficiently trained your body to quench up all the gold for the sake of bright, dewy skin and avoiding fatigue. But what Emoto found is that its not just the physical mode of purification your water goes through before it enters your body, but the energetics, thoughts and feelings your water comes into contact with that can have physical effects on the individual drinking it. That's right. You instill the words or thoughts of "love" in the water before drinking it, and you will feel love. "Hate" and the water will memorize the negative energy and manifest hate as it passes through your body. "Creativity" and suddenly fireworks start going off in your head, sans coffee. Emoto found clarification during a series of experiments where he taped positive + negative words to cups of water, letting them sit for some time before he came back and photographed their change in crystalline structure under a microscope. What he found was that for all the cups of water with positive words taped tothe outside, the crystallization of molecules within the water were far more symmetrical and beautiful to the eye than the ones with negative words plastered on the outside. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto

He goes intomore detail in his book, "The Hidden Messages in Water", dancing around the discovery that the more positive feelings, thoughts, and messages you instill in any volume of water the more aligned the water molecules are generating pure, bright, light water that is your best friend onthe quest for light, ongoing detox. On the flip-side, the more polluted + untreated your water is and even the container for which your water is stored can directly effect the way the water will make you feel. Just as water filters through each layer of the grime on the streets of New York, the water in your cup filters through layers of energy that can either align + strengthen or pollute + dull your physical body, mind, and soul. This is crucial when we are moving into a space of concern for environmental + personal wellness or cleanup. Positive thinking changes everything, as you can see......


How do we enhance our water?!

drink out of glass whenever possible | drink crystal infused water | speak of positivism to your water | assure your water you do not need any pollution, only purification | sip with intention.

The concept sounds a little crazy + magical, but Im going to go ahead and believe in it. For anything to manifest, one must believe it first.