Superfood for a super-yogi: Ghee

One of my biggest and most notable changes in my diet within the past year has been how much fat I am eating. I went from trying to eat next to no fat to eating almost entirely all fat every day! There was most definitely a trial-and-error period where I went fat-crazy and ended up eating too much.....leaving me a bit lethargic and my skin was producing too much oil. But I have finally found my happy medium and will always turn to fat first thing in the morning or as a midday snack as it keeps me satiated and my joints super lubricated. Don't get me wrong, greens are still my number one "feel-good-food" but healthy fats such as coconut oil, nut butters, ghee, raw cacao, clean eggs, hemp seeds, avocados, and the like make up a huge staple of my diet. They offer protein + fat + fiber all in one, and keep my sugar cravings at bay. Some weeks I focus more on my students and their needs---researching, reading, planning. Immersing myself in a whole different side of my own yoga practice, which leaves me spending less time on my asana practice. I have come to accept that I will not be able to get 6 days a week in, at least not until I start to find my own equilibrium between teaching, working, studying, cooking, practicing, getting enough sunshine + fresh air, other forms of exercise, etc. I make sure to keep ample amounts of fat in my diet so that when I have weeks of attention geared towards my students and less towards my own asana practice, my joints and insides stay nice and buoyant. There is no hurry in anything in life, as everything is always there when you decide to revisit it. And if it is not, well then it wasn't meant to be.

ghee, though. ghee is meant to be.

Viewed as some version of the "perfect yoga food", ghee (clarified butter) regulates your digestion by stimulating digestive secretions within the stomach, keeping your insides moving and continuously peeling the sludge, in my case iced cacao lattes, off each and every corner within. This pulling action helps to alkalize your inside by removing all the acid-buildup from within that contributes to breakouts, low energy, fatigue, indigestion and muscle cramping. A wonderful skin food, ghee helps support healthy mucous membrane and healthy balance of cell activity. One serving of ghee has nearly half the recommended daily amount of VItamin A, which keeps our immune system firing at utmost efficiency. The effect that ghee has on mental health is enough to make us want to marry the buttah as it has the ability to restore and balance the mind. Mr. and Mrs. Buttah, you are looking sharp. Negative emotions are stored in tight bundles of fat throughout the body, but without jumping to conclusions and canceling out fat within your body, think again. Fat burns fat. Your brain NEEDS fat to function properly. When we don't eat enough fat within the diet, we crave sugar......which turns to fat. In order to burn off any type of fat we must eat healthy fat to replace that fat. Like dissolves like. Live it, love it, be about it.

There is a reason why we all love the rich, sweet taste of butter. As anything though, there is a way to go about consuming it for scorching its health benefits. Try experimenting with making your own ghee this week and adding it to soups, toast, coffee, tea, and roasted veggies for a nice added kick of nutrition. Jump on board with the Ayurveda game, especially if you've got an affinity for the practice of yoga.