Inner energetics of negative self talk

Have you ever experienced first hand the saying "you are what you eat"? You decide to make a big delicious pasta dinner only to start to feel like that big bowl of dense heavy pasta later? The inner energetics of self talk sort of follows the same pattern. 

The truth is this: we are what we think and what we think becomes our reality. If every day, for example, you wake up, saying you have horrible skin, chances are your brain is going to remember this thought and make it come true. First you think the thoughts, then you behave like the thoughts, and eventually the thought manifests itself. Not because your mind is out to get you, but because that is what it was designed to do. Connect the mind to the body and every thought turns into what you see. Eventually the stress of having bad skin turns into a catalyst for unhealthy eating habits, unnecessary makeup, excessive face washing, and insecurity. Now you're really in a pickle.

As humans we like to justify or have explanations for everything. We are very logical creatures and put great deals of thought into everything we do. The second we tell ourselves we have bad skin, we start to scan our faces for reasons as to why we have bad skin. Or we will turn to our best friend who has skin like a babys bottom and make our inferences that way. We also thrive off of self-confidence and our consciousness can make or break our potential. The more negatively we think, we send those negative vibrations out to the universe. What happens when we are emitting boatloads of negative vibrations, positive vibrating people or events aren't going to come our way. 

If you make the decision to have good skin, your first line of attack is letting that inner critic know that you will have good skin. Its not that in an instant your skin automatically changes.....if positive thinking were as instant as that we would all be in Candyland by now. Its the positive thoughts that lead to productive behavior that keeps us moving forward towards the qualities we dream of. 

Challenge your beliefs and replace them with all things of positive, high frequencies.