The 411 on adaptogens for sex drive

The health of an individual doesn’t just depend on what they eat, how many times a week they exercise, and what their stress levels are. Sex is a huge part of a healthy body and without it, we can suffer from blockages in many forms. Insecurity, indecisiveness, sadness, hopelessness, anxiety. You name it.  Disconnect from the inner self and to others isn’t healthy, as we were born to l o v e. I mentioned a few posts back that I was very reserved on this front for a while, and it only left me guessing. Guessing who I really was, what I wanted to be, how I was supposed to act in front of certain someones. I repeatedly chose the wrong guys time after time, and I couldn’t figure out why!  All in all, it’s a very embarrassing quality to be disconnected from your sexuality! And Im not talking about LGBT. Im talking about not knowing who you really are from the inside out, and how to find pleasure in everything from sex to food. There is definitely such thing as excess on both fronts, and too much or too little of either one can leave us sick + diseased. But lets not get caught up in preventative measures for the two because it willstart to lead me off topic, and I might lose my train of thought.


I moved to Kauai during a very vulnerable time in my life, I was twenty three years old with only an inkling of who I was. Finding my passions has been ingrained within me for as long as I know, the art of fashion and food were givens for as long as I can remember. What I have been lacking up until this past year is a deeper connection to sexuality, something that every twenty-something should never be without as this is a huge part of self-discovery. Without it , chances are we will feel a little lost.  But for some reason it rarely gets talked about and has been very taboo in our culture, up until now. The tables are turning and I’m ready to break the barrier within my realm so that we can start to focus more on the most ultimate form of healing: the power of love.  Somehow love can rip you apart and build you up stronger than before all at once. This is awesome, but what exactly do we need in order to attract the right kinds of love? H I G H   V I B R A T I O N S. 


In order to operate from a high vibration, our insides need to be clean + buoyant + vibrant + active + stimulated. I have ignited the fire within myself to not be afraid to express my own lust, and have started working towards building a healthy sexual center. Not just so we can make love, but we can attract the right forms of love as we are operating from our truest self. Our insides need to be just as clean as our outsides in order to attract clearly and feel love. . Im here to talk about stimulating your sexy insides through the power of food in the form of herbs.

We all know that baby making meals involve red wine + oysters + chocolate. But the real magic is usually found within smaller packages. These foods, as well as adaptogenic herbs, have the ability to boost our libido and make us feel so selfie ready its not even funny. In order to turn on the lust, we need to have a balanced and steady supply of sex hormones, such as estrogen + progesterone + testosterone , so that we maintain a healthy libido and stay golden through all the years. These hormones interact with the neuroendcocrine system and without a nourished NS, we may experience low sex drive, irritability, andsignificantly low sperm count. This is why stress is so critical in maintaining a healthy sex life, as stress has an extreme antifertility effect on our reproductive system. Our bodies know good and well its not smart to bring babies into a stressed environment.  I experienced high levels of stress for many years before I started taking note of how it was tearing up my insides.

In order to maintain a healthy sexual center, try and focus on herbs that support the neuroendocrine balance,  regulate sex hormones + balance reproductive function, and serve as potent sexual enhancers.


ASHWAGANDHA // this is one of my favorite adaptogens on the planet and was my first adaptogen I began experiencing with. Ashwagandha is known as a potent sexual enhance for both men + women and boosts libido like no tomorrow. Try sprinkling some of this magic into your morning coffee + organic salad dressings at night to lift the spirits and jack up the desire even more. India surely has been using this one for good measure!


SCHISANDRA // This adaptogen has a toning effect on the sexual organs of both men and women, treating low sex drive and improving circulation to the sweet spots. Don’t hesitate to throw this one into your raw granola bar recipes to add alittle sensitivity to your midday snack routine.


ASIAN GINSENG // Not the inorganic processed kind you find in sugary teas at the gas stations. Organic, potent, stamina-boosting quality sourced from the OG source. Ginseng has the ability to lessen menopausal symptoms such as fatigue + depression+ anxiety, while promoting sexual vitality. You are only as young as the health of your reproductive organs.


HE SHOU WU //  Rejuvenating, stimulating, hair-skin-nail nourishing masterpiece of an adaptogen, He Shou Wu is capable of increasing sperm count+ motility, making it the perfect addition to any regimen targeting reproductive health.


RHODIOLA// We live in a stressful world, and it doesn’t slow down when the going gets tough. But sometimes our menstrual cycles can! Irregular + absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) is a growing trend among our millennial generation simply because we live in a constant state of stress. Remember what our body decides when we are too stressed? No babies for you , baby! Rhodiola should be in your home apothecary to serve you up with a prescription to cure amenorrhea and boost fertility.


Herbs for male reproductive health: American Ginseng + Ashwagandha + Cordyceps + Lycium + Rhodiola + Shilajit


Herbs for female reproductive health: Cordyceps + Licorice + Rhodiola + Shatavari


Although these potent powders have the ability to promote extremely high-vibrations fromyour insides, don’t forget to eat your healthy fats + exercise regularly + stay properly hydrated through consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, high quality sea salt, and "molecularly aligned" water + practice stress-free activities every day. 





1 cup coffee (cold or hot)
1 cup fresh nut milk (cold or hot)
½ tsp each of Rhodiola + He Shou Wu + Ashwagandha + Cinnamon + Nutmeg
1 tablespoon cacao
1 tablespoon coconut oil (optional for hot version to create a dairy-free froth)
spoonful of honey or coconut nectar
¼ tsp sea salt


BLEND ON HIGH + pour into a mug.