An adaptogenic reminder in case you've forgotten.

What are adaptogens and why do we need them?


If you haven’t picked up on the surge of information circulating nearly every online wellness platform and littered over every holistic practitioners cupboards, I am here to give you a refresher on the importance of adaptogens for health in all forms: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. 

Adaptogens are potent substances that have been used to provide supreme health for thousands of years, dating back to ancient India + China. They help the body adapt to stress, normalize metabolic function, and promote balance. Adaptogens are non-toxic to the body and have a non-specific response in the body when faced with stressors. They have a normalizing influence on the body and balance several systems within the body all at once. The build vitality, detox + cleanse + tone the organs, and enhance immunity. Their high antioxidant count makes them critical in disease prevention and even can reverse certain cancers completely. They help move our bodies into complete harmony so that our systems can run at utmost efficiency. They offer gently ongoing detoxification at a cellular level and revitalize the bodily system continuously. They either tone down hyper-functioning systems or stimulate sluggish systems, their main action being to harmonize the entire body.

Certain ones are more useful for sexual health, some for mental, some for physical, and some for emotional. Although all adaptogens have anti-stress qualities, you will notice a subtle tranquilizing effect certain ones have over others on your mind after regular consumption.

The magic of adaptogens doesn’t happen in some formulated 10-day cleanse or regimen. It is imperative to consume these powerful substances every day over long periods of time (for me it was 3 months before I noticed profound effects on mental and physical health) in order to reap the benefits. Good things take time! Some are tasteless, especially the mushrooms, can be infused into everything you create, and can be integrated into your daily holistic regimen without fuss.

Most adaptogens grow in less than ideal conditions such as high or low altitudes, extreme temperatures, low oxygen areas, and intensely irradiated areas. Their ability to withstand conditions such as these make them so critical in consuming for health as these qualities directly translate to our bodies.  They revitalize the adrenal glands and strengthen mitochondrial activity within our cells so that we can operate with a steady supply of energy and never miss a much-desired workout after a productive day on the clock. They have an anabolic effect (especially important for athletes + body builders + as we get older!) on the body and allow the cells access to adaptive energy so that when faced with a stressor there is no messing around with our energy stores, promoting homeostasis. Homeostasis is super important in regulating biorhythms and circadian rhythms within the body so that we wake up rested and fall asleep without a fight.

If you are wondering why you cant keep your hair silky, you workout 5 days a week with no results, or are constantly feeling lethargic after long nights of sleep, step into the unknown and begin your herbal immersion! Don’t miss the holistic boat.