Heres what makes you strong. A simple look on owning your female fire.

I have noticed how powerful women are lately. We can talk ourselves into beautiful business deals and body shame all at once. We are the givers of life, yet we cant figure out to live our own. The amount of nurture we have to offer is incredible yet we have to force ourselves to put our health and happiness first even once a day. But the stuff that makes us strong is doing just that. When we focus less on ourselves, and all of our energy on nurturing the world, we end up with a bunch of powerfully creative women with weak bodies and an even weaker mind. 

The practice of self-care and daily rituals is the stuff that is hardest for us female divines, as we take pride in offering our hearts to each and every part of the universe. We all can foreshadow and confirm that the future is female, but what we must make a serious effort to stay true to our daily rituals that nurture our souls or we will continue to have this missing piece to the puzzle. 

Self care is paramount and if what you know you need is a break from social media, or coffee, or negative conversation, give yourself that! If you need more sleep, more raw foods, more potent herbs, give yourself that too! Its amazing how positive spending (energy + money) can manifest into something worth waking up to. And chances are, you'll be someone everyone else wants to be around. Thats what we need, we need to be the best version of ourselves so that everyone wants to be around each other all the time and we come together and we change the world. 

Ready.....? Break.