My boss is Mother Nature: An alliance with medicinal mushrooms

There is no coincidence that herbalism has seeped into our wellness world at the time it has. Plants and animals have instinctive signals that they act upon for both their own survival as well as the health of their current environment. In this case, it appears medicinal mushrooms have our back as we begin the transition into a more high vibrational century of living. 

Mushrooms, such as Lions Mane or Reishi, not only act as our immune system protector, but Mother natures protector as well. They bring protection + life to ecoystems all over the world, with a mycelium colony spanning about 2400 acres in Oregon. Underneath the ground layer, there is 2400 acres of active mushroom life just waiting to be used for healing.

pollution .

 In the case of natural disasters, mushrooms are the first form of life to spring up out of the debris. They start to decompose the toxic matter/debris left over and turn it into mineral rich soil that attracts life back into the area and starts the life cycle all over again. In the case of the human body, they have the ability to detoxify from the inside out, and leave our insides with a level of immune system armor. 

 Mycelium have the ability to soak up whatever toxins they come into contact with and are extremely useful in healing water pollution. Most tap water is now being tested to reveal high levels of pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, and birth control. Mushrooms have the ability to act as a vacuum to these polluted water sources so that we don't run the risk of ingesting micro-amounts of multiple different drugs through our water systems.  They've even been found popping up in waterways contaminated with Protozoa, viruses, chemical toxins, and organic debris, acting as somewhat of Mother Natures guardian angel. This sounds like a sure enough long term solution to ending pollution if you ask me.

digestion .

Metabolically, mushrooms are closer to animals while their structure is closer to that of plants. Thats crazy! Somewhere along the way, humans took a divergent turn and evolved an enclosed digestive system, while mycelium remained open. This means that our digestion runs closely along that of mushrooms, with both mycelium + humans secreting digestive hormones such as protease and lipase to aid in efficiency + clearing of the digestive tract. Whats more is that our genetics arent too far off either in comparison. 

the proof . 

So we now know that our digestive systems are simply mirrored/inside-out versions of myceliums, but what is the proof that we are supposed to be consuming these fungal wonders? Mycelium contains constituents such as polysaccharides + triterpenes that boost our immune system and are biologically active. These constituents suppress candida and support the good bacteria, letting them act as a prebiotic to our systems. Our immune systems have receptor sites that are specifically open to the polysaccharides found in mushrooms, meaning we have always been developing alongside the fungal kingdom and are very receptive to fungus. Rad.

lets get fungal . 

The best part about medicinal mushrooms (not the kind you find in the grocery store) is that they are nearly tasteless, light in color, and can enhance almost anything you combine them with. I love slathering my favorite activated nut + seed butters over sliced apples or sprouted grain toast and sprinkling them on top for a spirited boost. Although there cant be claims made that these healer cure cancer, they effectively attack the pathogen while strengthening the host and paving way for strong, healthy inner terrain.

REISHI// This is your staple immune regulator and booster. The immune system goes into histamine release when there are allergens around.....reishi helps bring it back down. The antifungal qualities in Reishi are super high, making it an essential in combatting bacterial infections of the urinary tract. It is said to help lower cholesterol, calm the central nervous system, and the polysaccharides found within the mushroom have an inhibitory effect of inflammatory cancer cells. 

CORDYCEPS// This one is especially useful for lung health + is said to help tonify the chi (energy) within the body. It boosts stamina and endurance as well as serving as somewhat of a muscle carver so that all our your hard work pumping iron is noticed. It scavenges for and prevents rapid replication of toxic viral cells found in tumors and HIV cells, 

CHAGA// This one might as well be at your brains wedding because it is SO good for the dendrites. When you look at the biomass of mycelium, it replicates the dendritic structure of brain cells. It grows out of birch bark, and concentrates the molecule found in the bark that is used to wipe out cancer. Chaga is also a great anti-parisitic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral tool of attack. 

LIONS MANE// The diterpenes found in this mushroom stimulate the production of nerve growth factor, improving brain function (memory, mental acuity) and other processes within the body. When this nerve growth factor is active, the central nervous system stimulate decay of degenerative diseases making LIONS MANE a huge preventative measure against chronic conditions such as dementia + multiple sclerosis.