Backwards solving// Our connection to food + social media

As weve moved into a more modern way of living, things have been focused on convenience. We have been led to believe this lack of intention into preparing + creating meals is the true positive. We will have more time to check off our to-do lists and get the things done in the workday when we dont have to worry about meal time. I do agree that for maybe one or two meals of the day, we should find fast + healthy + convenient ways to nourish ourselves so that we can keep up with this busy world we live in. But what happens when this addiction to convenience gets out of control? We lose the connection to the universe. Our fuel comes straight from the earth  in the form of food. When we severe this connection to the universe through microwaves, excessive eating out, and settling for packaged, processed foods (healthy or not), we can kiss sense of one with the universe goodbye. We now are just a slave to the system of doing everything for the sake of productivity. But luckily, thankfully, the world works in mysterious ways. 

How many times have you made, ordered, or seen a beautifully prepared meal and HAD to stop and take a picture of it? Okay, like every time. Me too. Its sick in some ways, but I love it and hold no shame. Let play this out. 

We order a meal (teriyaki fried hydrogenated ribs or sprouted vegan kale pitaya avo cakes, either produce the same effect) and as animals, we love anything that signals to our brain "energy". We love food, and we now love taking pictures of food. Our meal is delivered, we whip out our phone and declare everyone to wait so we can "spontaneously" snap a photo of the food. Maybe three to get the right angles, and only after we have gotten the satisfaction of documenting our delicious piece of joy we have now chosen to become part of ourselves (we are what we eat + digest), we take the first bite. Okay, so we take pictures of food, but what im really getting at is that this slightly insane act of capture had encouraged us to slow down and focus on what were eating. Whether it contains living enzymes or not. The awareness + connection is the first step and coincidentally the missing piece to our epidemic of digestive dysfunction.


We post the picture, get a bunch of likes, and this encourages us to keep doing it. Keep slowing down, keep choosing foods that photograph the best, keep putting thought into meal time. This trend is leading us out of our convenience coma and i just dont want it to stop.

Of course there are always flaws to every theory, and this perspective on social media may not resonate with everyone and apply to everyones relationship with social media in the same way. You could be 100% disconnected from your food still even though you are making a living off of avid blogging. But, perspective is everything. 

Hell yeah im going to spend 2 hours making my morning chi tonic + taking pictures of it. Hell yeah. Kill your tv and invest in your pantry, its your gateway to a missing side of your soul you seem to have trouble defining.