New moon food for the beauty belly

New moons are a time for new ideas, new beginnings, new relationships, new thought patterns, new everything. The slate starts blank, with every day moving towards the next full moon being a time of manifestation of your new moon intentions. 

Elimination is strongest during this moon phase, so it is super important to aid this detoxifcation with foods that flush the system. This allows the body + mind vehicle to set intentions in a pure vessel. Herbs such as sage, dandelion, triphala, cilantro, and ground ivy are especially useful. As any moon phase, the days leading up to the full or new moon should be filled with light foods and extra liquids. Befriend fresh green juices, spirulina, and any foods that can effectively bind to heavy metals within the body. The new moon is the time to take your weight loss efforts to the test once and for all.  Just as the tides are changing, so are our water levels inside the body. During the new moon, the gravitational forces are pushing down and inward. This can cause us to feel lethargic, heavy, clouded, and dense. 

Im prepping for the new moon with fiber filled superfood chia bombs to help flush out any unwanted clutter in the digestive tract. I also added some of my mexican chocolate probiotic rawnola to the top, which very well may not fit into the moon phase diet. Feed the soul. 

This chia bomb has digestive-support in the form of Triphala and iron-rich Cacao to help keep the blood healthy and flowing so that the lymphatic system can do werk. Cayenne pepper is a nice added boost to amp up circulation and speed the metabolism.  Its a high vibrational deluxe that will keep you satiated all day long. 

Chia pudding//makes one serving

2 tablespoon organic chia seeds
1/2 cup blueberries
1 cup nut milk
1 tsp roasted maca
1/2 tsp Sun Potion triphala
1/2 tsp Sun Potion Reishi
1 tablespoon Sun Potion tocos
a pinch of sea salt + vanilla bean powder (I used Moon Juice Shop vanilla)

Blend together and let sit in jar in fridge for at least an hour until gelatinized. 

Mexi-chocolate rose petal rawnola//makes two servings

1/3 cup organic rolled oats
3 dates
1 tablespoon coconut nectar
1  tablespoon Sun Potion cacao powder
1/4 cup sunflower seed kernels
a pinch of sea salt + vanilla powder + Moon Juice shop cayenne pepper (optional)
2 tsp Moon Juice probiotic powder
2 tablespoon rose petals

Blend in vitamix and crumble on top. 


Layer nut butter of choice, chia pudding, and rawnola in shiny clear jar. Top with fresh fruit + coconut nectar + your favorite nut butter. Get creative