Valentines Day is right around the corner and marketing efforts are on blast mode every where you turn. The only problem is that what we see most of is the crap that literally kills us. Yes, dark chocolate is good for you. No, artificially sweetened and mega processed chocolate is not. Look out for words like "biodynamic", "raw", "cosmic", and "vegan" when shopping for chocolate this Valentines day. These are the words to trust. Give the gift of love, iron, strength, magnesium, bliss, and cellular regeneration. Not high blood sugar + uncontrolled binge eating followed by hella guilt. If you choose the right chocolate, there is no shame in eating a small piece or four! every day. You deserve it, beauty belly.


Don't buy chocolate at big superstores. Read the ingredients. If it contains partially or fully  hydrogenated oils, naturally or artificially flavored anything, dutch-processed, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, trans fats, artificial colors, or any type of caking ingredient......drop it and run as fast as you can. Swag yourself out of the place and play it safe by shopping your local health food store or Amazon. Amazing Amazon!

The chocolate we see most of is the stuff laced with silent killers like hydrogenated oils, white sugar, Agave syrup, and ultra-processed cocoa. This tragic product is made with ingredients that signal to our brain to keep going back for more. Our body has always wanted chocolate but is hijacked by artificial sweetness, causing us to shamefully gorge on empty calories and thyroid shattering fake food. What we want is the chocolate that has all enzymes in tact, cleanses the heart, provides the body with high amounts of antioxidants + iron, and that takes our mood to the highest mountain there is with an easy decline. High quality chocolate can improve your mood, burn fat, boost memory powers, boost bedroom powers, and make you go number two like a boss. 

1 ROSE CHOCOLATE by Dessert Medicine Talk about a home flipping run. They had us at Pearl + rose: two of the most high vibrating substances on the planet. Yes you can eat pearl and yes you can eat rose. If this is new to any of you, wake up because this chocolate bar might just be what your dull and tired skin has been aching for.  Its side effects include: opening the heart chakra, strengthening the organs, and beautifying even the most beautiful out there. (Encouraged to be consumed before, during, and after Valnetines day). 
2DOUBLE DARK LOVE by Raw Chocolate Love NYC Okay if you like chocolate cake, or even like the idea of eating the chocolate cake from Matilda.......hello, honey. This mesquite laden bar sweetened with low-glycemic coconut crystals is one for the body, spirit, and digestion. Coconut crystals is the only form of crystallized sugar that actually offer nutritional benefits. This high-mineral Himalayan salt fuels the enzymatic processed within the body in the form of pure gold. Without adequate salt, we have a hard time staying properly hydrated. Post workout snack anyone? 
3 FOREVER CACAO by The Raw Chocolate Shop This bar is for the bad ass chocoholics that dont need no scrap to eat the beans. This 100% cacao raw chocolate bar is  vegan, gluten free, dairy-free, no-bs option to savor the blood building properties of raw cacao. 
4  CBD TRIANGLES by Sakara Life Although these ladies are always right on the money, these chocolates really hit home for both indulgent + therapeutic benefits. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found within the Cannabis plant that is touted for lowering blood pressure, pain, relieving stress, and boosting quality of life. We want to be part of the S-Life if this is what is in store. 
5 MAUI SUNRISE by Zen Bunni Offering a wide range of unique flavors to choose from, these micro-cosmic bars of abundance are a surefire way to change your mindset on the healthiness of good ole chocolate. This anti-inflammatory, invigorating blend of turmeric, ginger, and biodynamically farmed cacao might teleport you to the land of Mai Tais + radical sunsets. 
6 CHIPOTLE CHILI by Taza This stone ground Mexican-style chocolate just might send you into an episode of (Kosher + Gluten free + Organic) mega circulation. Theres nothing like a little spice in the chocolate to get the silky smoothness to every corner of your beauty belly + brain.

I also ate an entire chocolate bar in bed while writing this. Shame-free Mcgee.