BEAUTY BELLY PANTRY ∆ two must haves for psychedelic sexual center support

Dont even kid yourself. Cosmic love is in the air this time of year. Maybe its the string lights, the endless cortados, the party-on mentality or the martinis making you feel oh so fine. And that certain someone across the room is starting to look more and more like a cosmic moxie you would really like to spend NYE with......and every day thereafter for that matter.

Its better to be prepared than unprepared, and too much booze is super drying to our insides + can leave our hormones in somewhat of a gray area. We want to 1) stay lubricated and buoyant inside and out on both a mental and physical level and 2) feel sexy the whole season long. If you seem to have lost your sex drive and your libido has taken holiday from you, its time to let it know that home is where the heart is and it should come back for alchemical bliss of a situation called nourished sexual centers. "All i want for christmas is a nourished sexual center" everyone secretly says to themselves. 


An exquisite blend of raw cacao (the OG chocolate, the one that actually contains all those iron rich + magnesium + fiber filled provisions you have probably read about this past year) and tonic herbs that nourish the beauty bellys basement, Sun Potions Ananamide releases that rush of chemicals that put us in a state of love + lust. We just start whistling we feel so beautiful when were on the OG chocolate. 

Maaaaaaaayybee, baaaaaby we can eat chocolate every day and fall more and more in love. Chasing love in winter time. 

Ananamide is chocolatey, spicy, and herby to say the least. Its name comes from the cannabinoid "ananamide" as it activates the pleasure center part of your brain when you have tasted or experienced something so good that you reach a state of bliss, or "ananda". The only way chocolate is good for you is if you consume it from a high quality, unheated and unprocessed source. Otherwise, the part of your brain that loves it so much pretty much doesnt even recognize any difference. Although raw cacao helps to reduce feelings of depression + anxiety + stress, as if that wasn't enough, I notice that it kickstarts my digestive system so that my internal plumbing system doesn't stop draining out the cosmic clutter.  I also consume it a few times a week to make sure I am getting adequate amounts of magnesium + iron. I also just want to eat chocolate. 

Wow, thank you cacao, for being a thing. And thank Sun Potion for combining it with immune modulators such as tocotrienols + maca + rose petals + mucuna pruriens + reishi + suma + ashwagandha + cinnamon + black pepper + cayenne + turmeric + high mineral salt. 

OH did i mention? Don't ever be afraid of salt. I actually recommend a glass of salt water every morning for parasite prevention.


Makaio can vouch for me on this one. This one gets me straight frisky, and I feel like im in the FOXLIGHT when i incorporate it into my morning matcha lattes. Dont worry, Im sure you will get the same results, too. Because its not me that is magic, its the pine pollen. 

WHAT IS PINE POLLENExactly what it sounds like. Aside from it being the valedictorian of Aphrodisia University, Sun Potion Pine Pollen offers all five meridians and offer dual-directional hormone support. Its perfect for winter time when the temperatures drop and our hormones + libido could very well fall too! So either drink some Cabernet or sprinkle pine pollen into that bioactive hot chocolate of yours, babe. My favorite time of the day to use it is, again, in the morning when I want to amp up my metabolism + keep myself in fat burning mode and at night before dinner so that all of my senses are heightened as i enjoy my meal. Full consciousness is always a good goal to have.