Boosting your toosh with adaptogens on a plant-based diet

The secrets to plant based living are in. You can very much thrive on a plant-based diet with a strong system supported by adaptogens. Not only do they reveal a dormant creativity within our minds that have purposefully or not been suppressed somewhat  by our current "dietary tendencies" as a whole, but they skyrocket our vitality and build santosha (contentment). Santosha is super important in a world like today, as we are swimming in comparison, its hard to be okay with where you are when there are so many other people doing more rad things around you. My advice? Take adaptogens and create something just, if not more, as rad. Honor it as it comes from you! You are cool, beauty belly. You are a fox, beauty belly. You are rad, beauty belly. 

BLOOD// Operating an active life requires more energy. Energy should be equated to blood. The more healthy, flowing blood you have in your body, the more energy you will have. The better your circulation. The faster your recovery from workouts. The more alert you will stay! Getting iron from foods like raw cacao, activated nuts + seeds, and adaptogens like He Shou Wu, Ashwagandha, and Chaga Mushroom will help to build healthy blood through an iron rich circus of a process. Most plant based eaters that find they have sluggish energy could be because you are running out of blood! Our bodies are constantly moving on the inside, squirming things in and out of our organs into the blood stream to either be used or disposed of. If we don't support ourselves with blood building, cleansing, and restoring foods we can very well experience fatigue, cold hands and feet, and low energy on a plant based diet. 

BRAIN// Our brains need power!!! First class power! Herbs like Mucuna Puriens + Ashwagandha + Pine Pollen + Rhodiola help us reveal those parts of our brain mentioned above that keep our creative juices flowing. There is no such thing as "not being creative enough". Some people just need an elevated boost to help them recognize. And maybe some coffee....!

HEART// In reference to Chinese Medicine, our Shen (spirit) energy lives in our heart, particularly the blood vessels. If someones shen is disturbed, they may have a dull look in their eyes. If there shen is strong, light, and shining there is a birghtness in the eyes and space around the eyes. Unfortunately, with the extreme consumption of animal products + processed food + coffee + alcohol in our world today, most people have disturbed shen. Adding adaptogens such as Reishi Mushroom + Gotu Kola into your daily doses of just about anything will help to restore and build healthy spirit energy.

SEX// Suffer from low libido? Inability to turn on the basement lights? Been there! Sometimes if we don't have enough blood (refer to the first point) in our bodies, we can't enjoy sex as much. Nor can we even get it up when things start to get hot. There is a massive movement towards plant based eating in our world today, which means we must not forget that sexual center nourishing, iron loaded, aphrodisiac foods should be on blast mode every now and then.....just to make sure we stay organically strapped. Count on Maca, Ashwagandha, Raw Cacao, Pine Pollen, Cistanche, and Schisandra to get you there. 

BODY// Our bodies need tons of clean oxygen running through our bodies, especially after a workout. Cordyceps mushroom is infamous for oxygenating the body and mind, promoting clear thinking + smooth recoveries. It tones the muscles, boosts endurance, and equips the system with stamina via this oxygenating process. 

ENERGY// Sugar + caffeine + alcohol can all tarnish our adrenal glands a little bit at a time, causing us to experience low levels of energy in the body and mind. Physical + mental + sexual energy is something that is a gift! It takes a lot of work for our body to recover from these substances. Personally, I believe it is totally fine to consume reasonable amounts of all three as long as we are supporting our adrenal glands pre-and-post consumption. Sometimes when we feel that we "aren't getting enough" from a plant-based diet, it may not be because of the plants, but because of adrenal fatigue, distress, or even burnout! My personal favorites for a restorative dose of healing during a week of some or all of the above are Euccomia Bark to help regain/maintain buoyancy and elasticity in the fascia, Eleuthero, and Ashitaba to help clear out any inflammation in the skin. 

Adding adaptogens into your life is as simple as adding them to your morning shake, sprinkling them on some bioavailable buttered toasties, or incorporating them into salad dressings + raw delectables.