Botox is so 2005, using yoga for an oxygen rush.


Never is a strong word, but botox is not the solution. If you want young, fresh, perky skin, you have to work for it. Just like you have to work for a promotion, a nice new bikini, and self-assurance! Mindful, aligned, and diligent (not hard) work pays off in the end. Hard work will just leave you (mentally) hard. When we start to inject, or add things to our body that we were not born with, we start to lose a degree of our bodys hyper-intelligence! An added blockage to the soul. When weight starts to fall of your body, you start to feel yourself more. When you sweat, your body become even more electric. When you admit to something thats been weighing on your mind, you feel light. This doesn't mean that whole body consciousness in unachievable, but why create more hurdles for us to celebrate our wholeness? 

Have you ever taken a look at a long-time-yogis' eyes? Not only are the eyeballs bright, but the skin around the eyes is tight, even-toned, and hydrated. Headstands look way cool in photos, but they look even better on the age of 55. 

Don't take Plan B when you can practice Plan A. 

We have this awesome, orange-skin-like connective tissue covering over our muscles + joints + tendons + organs called the fascia. The fascia is responsible for various movement, lubrication of the outer skin layer, and our bodies ability to use complete proteins for strength of the body. When we are dehydrated, our fascia is dehydrated and we will experience lack of flexibility + twisting power and carrying out simple movements will seem strugglesome. The cells within the fascia layer can become stagnant, and make us feel old way before our time. Without proper exercise, nutrition, and water quality we may as well head to the tombs. The fascia is not the heart, it won't keep beating no matter what you throw at it. It is not the lungs, letting you inhale smoke over many years and still coming out on top (in some cases). It is not your mother, happily willing to take you to your best friends house every single night because you don't have a license. Getting back on track......the fascia is not on board with a take system. It will work with you if you work with it. And if you don't, expect your spine to shrivel + eye sockets to crinkle way before you feel even remotely "old". Because guess what, you can't drink bottled water + dirty red wine + starve your body of nutrients and expect to look like Marilyn.

I hate to be harsh, but skip the botox! Not only can we tell, but you are drop dead freaking gorgeous without the add ons!


In order to draw blood to the skin surface layer, practice simple inversions such as shoulder stand, and more advanced options like handstand + headstand to flush your face with oxygen and skyrocket mitochondria health. This means brain power + people power (people will be drawn to your glow). Free oxygen facials, I'll take it because I don't have the money for a real one. 

Often times when we aren't exercising our spine enough, stagnation in the digestive tract can occur and affect the health of our skin micro-biome, simply because old (hopefully cosmic) matter is just cruising in our intestines. This turns into toxic matter very quickly and can manifest as splotchy skin, dry skin, and unwanted acne. Take your toosh to the mat and practice Ardha Matsyendrasana for a deep spinal twist that cleanses + resets the digestive system one breath at a time.  

So we all know that as we grow older, gravity starts to pull everything down towards the earth. I mean, right? Living is the process of dying and we have to end where we started eventually. Let's look 25 for the rest of our lives. Any of the Kriyas, a set of cleansing practices to elongate youthfulness + boost spiritual potency, can be used as part of your Plan A. My favorite pranayama practice of the Kriyas is Nauli Kriya. I practice Nauli Kriya most mornings before I step on my mat with either my students or myself. It reverse the flow of gravity, drawing your undercarriage as close to where it was when you were 25 as humanely possible. This kriya technique deeply massages + tones the abdominal muscles if you have been, uh, taking the last year off from all forms of core work! :) 

Now that you have learned that the health of your digestive tract, your spine, and the fascia layer has a lot to do with the health of your skin, it's time to hone in on exercises that directly target the facial muscles! Lions breath, a pranayama technique that massages and energizes the skin cells on your face can help to get everything moving again from the neck up. It releases the core and lengthens our energetic centers so that our gut intuition can move right up the sushumna nadi (central energy channel) into our face and remind ourselves that we can, indeed, stay 25 forever.