TREASURE TALK ∆ Conserving creative jing + pumping the brakes on your innovative side.

Photo by Lexie Hand

Photo by Lexie Hand

Lets brush up on some Chinese medicine here. Some jing talk. Some very real stuff.  THE GOOD STUFF. The treasure talk. 

In Chinese medicine, we have the three treasures: Qi (translated as energy), jing (or essence), and shen (spirit, soul, or inner light). Within each treasure, there are different categories or classifications of each treasure. There are different types of qi, jing, and shen that affects all of our 12 meridians, or invisible energy channels that run throughout the body. For instance, we can gain qi (energy) through things such as food, air, and the very energies we are born with. Certain people, places, and foods can also diminish or disturb our qi. The same goes for jing, and shen. 

In the case of jing, we have a subcategory known as congenital jing, the jing (or essence) we inherit from our parents that determines our characteristics as a person and overall capabilities. From a physical + creative aspect, in particular. As we age, our jing stores naturally diminish, sometimes more rapidly than normal given we accelerate this process. Anything from hyperactivity, excessive sexual activity, physical, or creative activity can acccelerate this process. 

I have hit a plateau this past couple weeks where my creative side has somehow become blocked......possibly through stress of holiday travel or excessive exercise....or perhaps because I have been overly creative in the past few months. What we dont want is to accelerate our congenital jing faster than normal or else we will start to lose our internal essence or energetic stamina + strength before we are ready.....or maybe are prepared for. 

The best people in business nourish themselves, beyond just what they feed themselves, but at a soul level. This year we are turning corners and tuning into nourishing our jing so that all particles within and around us can beam with light. Beyond just the ball drop. 

If you hear a soft voice inside of you hinting, or screaming, to you to rest + relax. Do it. Your inner critic will only become stronger the longer you resist the spirited guided wisdom. Jing underlies our basic strength and reproduction: two HUGE indicators that we are living a nourished, even-keeled radiant lifestyle. 

Check your self. Check your essence.