DIVINE SYNC ∆ How plants brought back my cycle after five years.

Yep. 5 years of no menstruation, hella moodiness, zero libido and complete incompleteness. All because I was seriously misinformed about what was healthy and what wasn't. I thought I knew it all but really I knew nothing at all. 

I started cleaning up my diet when I was 18 years old (2010), thanks to a beautiful star-seed at Earth Day festival in D.C. who I credit as one of my angels now. She totally convinced me to go vegetarian on the spot. I ate my last Five Guys cheese dog with mayo + lettuce + vinegar that night and called it quits on animal products.  It wasn't until about 6 months of "cleaner" eating that I first started to develop body awareness and mental clarity. It was truly an awakening. I found myself in a body I had never known before, and I moved so much better. I craved movement, craved hydration, craved eating cleaner. I started crawling out of a deep fog set on by a childhood of processed foods and lack of serious nourishment. It was addicting.

Without me even realizing it, I found myself two years later (2012) totally starved. Of nutrients, of energy, of happiness, of strength, of life, of blood!  But really, I had lost so much blood within my body due to starvation that I had extremely low amounts well below what was normal. I started fainting regularly due to dehydration, lack of substance, and internal stress. On top of everything I was drinking coffee + alcohol heavily, doing my fair share of drugs, and using "study pills" to kill hunger and boost my energy for excessive workouts. With that being said, there was no way my body would ever see it as fit for me to have a menstrual cycle. What child would be able to grow in a body like this!

It was the spring of my sophomore year when I finally came to and realized something needed to change and moved back to Virginia to finish college and basically give my entire life a nutritional makeover. I buried myself in research all across the board on nutrition, started practicing Mysore style Ashtanga yoga, gave myself permission to nourish, started seeing doctors to correct my cycle and immersed myself in ways to "build blood". I was sick of not having a menstrual cycle and sick of being cold all the time, more importantly. 

I think that I believed that if I just started eating more, my cycle would return. So far from the truth. Depleting yourself for long enough not only starves your body, but your brain. You get to the point where you physically cant figure out what you look like, or what full feels like, or what hungry feels like, or when too much is too much, or when you just need to sleep. I was hyper-sensitized for so long and couldn't figure out how to shut it off. I was a hormonal tornado! 

When I moved to Kauai (2015), I had this strange feeling that everything was finally going to be good again. I continued meditating daily on whole-body healing and somehow came across some pieces written on Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda for boosting blood. I studied with an Ayurvedic doctor the previous spring in Nicaragua so I was instantly hooked when it referenced some of the adaptogenic herbs familiar to my studies. One thing led to another and I slowly started incorporating them into my daily repertoire, with the goal of simply warming my body in mind. Sure enough, it was like a whole new awakening amplified. My brain power, vigor, and drive skyrocketed. 

I jacked my system up, I mean JACKED IT UP,  with adaptogenic herbs the whole next year. Along with Reishi + Cordyceps + Chaga mushroom, I focused on Ashwagandha + Mucuna Pruriens + Rhodiola + He Shou Wu + Angelica Root + Blue Cohosh....among tons of others but those were the most consistent and provided the most sexual + nervous system + cognitive support. I started eating less raw foods, and more cooked so my body could contain energy. A wide variety of fats became my go-to so that I could rebuild my uterus lining. All the ghee, please! I cut down my alcohol consumption to almost nothing and made sure I got in the sun a lot and just did things that overall made me happier. It was time for major repair. I started learning how important it was to live a stress free life and give yourself permission to indulge. My body almost instantly felt stronger but my menstrual cycle didn't return for about another year....ever since I am bleeeding good and regular and life is GREAT! 

I took this gift as far as starting my own adaptogenic nut butter line, all formulated with the herbs that hit home so hard for me every day. Committed to elevating peoples health, I am. 

Although my experience shows up with me every day,  I now rely on plants to keep me strong, smart, lean, and focused. To keep me regular, sexual, creative, and active. I try and avoid alcohol like the plague + make sure my days are filled with things that help build me as opposed to destruct me. I hope that anyone reading this that can relate and knows that you are obviously beautiful just how you are, and strength is beauty. Not physical strength necessarily, but strength of the natural system. Is your inner terrain moving and vibrant? Or is it judgmental, weak, depleted, tired, and dull? the sparkle in your eye says so. Remember, you are only as strong as your inner critic is weak. In order to tame the critic inside of you and balance your natural system, I encourage you to have an affair with plants. They just might take your life up an octave.