The only thing that hasn't started moving at light speed is organic, structured, and sustainable businesses. Good things take time, and patience, and if someone has found a strategy out there in which they don't encounter painful stress + struggle along the way, let us know the secret. Although you may tone down your movement routine, find your face getting puffier than usual, and finding days where you literally dont know where to go but the closest espresso machine, the journey of business can be exhilarating. Especially when it's coming from your own dreams and desires. 

The world has enough dreamers. We are all dreamers, but what we need is more doers. Doers will put art back into the world and help to shatter these scattered chunks of comparison + doubt we have been plagued by. The struggle is real but the struggle is all so right. 

My main hustle has always been health and wellness. I realized early on in my college career that I wanted to pursue my passion as wellness educator, but haven't always been the clean cut, super certified, portioned eater you might think of when you picture someone involved in wellness. Sure I ate more greens than my cells knew was possible, plantified every family get together I could, and was an avid Ashtanga practitioner. I repeat, avid. But on the flip side, I had trinkets scattered around my room, I accidentally left veggie shavings for sometimes days by the trashcan after juicing, clothes hung from my walls and over my bed canopy, and i definitely was that person with old coffee cups around my car. This, to me, was my own art of elevated living. I have never been a lukewarm person, in the most non suggestive of anything way possible, and my recipe for wellness was far from that. I pretty much wont ever have a consistent plan for anything, but my side hustle eventually has now become my main hustle. But with a twist, sharing my own recipe for elevated living. 

The best part about this element of self-discovery within my life is that I am fully prepared to constantly evolve. Admitting to yourself that you really don't know how youre going to get from point A to point B is totally fine. But you better stay present the entire time, because the signs are subtle. 


The business plan, approach to marketing, and overall goals changed what felt like everyday. But, I finally just launched my very first line of bioavailable nut butters and cant wait to let the momentum surrounding this launch take hold of what else is to come. I combined my love for fashion + yoga + spirit + herbalism  and decided I am going to create products that people have the ability to choose based on the feeling they want to permeate themselves with, as opposed to buying items just for the basis of what they are (almonds, broccoli, popcorn.) The psychospiritual connection is more real than ever now and our food effects more than just the body. Our mind is so susceptible to what we fuel it with and i want to fuel myself with nothing but whole body nutrition so i can create whole life excellence.

There isn't really a solid answer with how you get from point A to point B.  You just have to keep going and keep your mind nourished and excited to eat. Feed the body, feed the brain, feed the soul and you will find yourself living a life of alignment.