PSYCHEDELIC LOVE AFFAIR ∆ he grew here i flew here (you may not care about this one.)

Ill say it may not even care to read this one. But i felt i needed to express my love for Julia poole and her beautiful way of capturing moments like this. I see balanced imperfection all across the board in these photos. Our relationship is far from luke warm. Its cold + really hot all at once. that doesn't change that fact that i still hear trumpets when this guy walks in. sometimes because hes a little tipsy but most of the time because i see more in him than i think anyone does! most everyone has rocky pasts, mine is far from perfect. its patience in the process (of anything) that gets you to a state of comfort. Not perfection, comfort. When you walk your new line together, things seem lighter. 

both makaio and myself have been on a constant climb this past year as we practice releasing what doesn't serve us and manifesting long lasting change. there are tons of people, places, and things along the way that may jolt you back a few steps but with good health + strong faith you can literally make your dreams come true. he tries all of my plant based potions, i remind him to stay grounded in his process. we make sure to move our bodies and learn together all the time. its rare if we "booze" together as we both know what kind of side is brought out in each of us. when you infuse trust, experience, and patience into your relationships and friendships the stars start to align and your load lightens up.

the last photo portrays a huge lesson in our relationship. you've got what you've got and sometimes thats just a moped. Everyone is beautiful deep down, you just sometimes have to WAIT!! 

all photos taken by Julia poole.