FOXLIGHT ∆ Laura Terranova of For Love of the Moon on coffee, vintage clothing, and living with less to have more.

Living in the grassy foothills of Italy, regularly sipping strong coffee + wine, and selling extremely coveted vintage clothing sounds like something Penny Lane would do. Listen as we dive into moon talk, consciousness, and high vibrational nourishment with a female ball of fire. It is all about who + what we surround ourselves with that ultimately keeps us in alignment and manifestation efforts active as ever. 

If we feel as if we are stuck, or have hit a plateau, the best place to search for the answers from within is outside. It's completely normal to feel rigidity in life. If everything was easy, smooth, and effortless we would never be able to learn and grow from our experiences. 

Welcome to the new golden age, where self-discovery is the new black. This stone cold fox is right on the money.


Name? Age? Profession/work?
My name is Laura Terranova, I’m 28 years old and currently running my online vintage shop from my new home among the sleepy olive trees of Southern Italy, just off the Adriatic Sea.

That sounds like a dream. Can you give us a short intro about your shop?
For Love of the Moon is my curated assortment of vintage clothing intended for those who appreciate one-of-a-kind quality above all else. It’s a blend of my love for beautiful clothing and my constant craving to be a conscience consumer. I’m drawn mostly to vintage from the 1960s and 1970s, the shapes, fits and colors feel the most comfortable to me, so you’ll see mostly those two decades on my shop. I like a bit of drama in my outfits but comfort is absolutely number one. I want to be able to wear the clothing from the bedroom to the dinner table and most of the pieces I source follow that rule of thumb. 

How + when did you decide to make owning a vintage shop into a career?
I lived in Brooklyn for many years, in a tiny apartment in (what was) a great location, Williamsburg. Right off the L train. I loved New York but there was always something missing from my daily life there - access to quality, affordable fresh food being number one and space to breathe a close second. It was a big decision to quit my job and leave the city but when we left I felt this immense weight lifted off my shoulders. It was an obvious next step to focus solely on what had been my second priority, For Love of the Moon. The shop has been my main source of income ever since. 

Who are your biggest inspirations for your work?  How do you stay motivated to keep going? After all, that is the secret…
Fast fashion, among many other things, is killing our planet. Throw away trends and over consumption are giant contributors to global warming and I personally feel a strong pull towards offering an alternative to that scene. So many beautiful pieces of clothing already exist in the world. It gives me lots of joy to find that vintage and recycle it on to someone who will breathe new life into something that’s been around for decades now. More thoughtful consumption is my biggest inspiration every day. Fewer pieces of clothing being dumped in landfills and trash bins. Paying attention to which corporations our money goes to. Our dollars, our voice! 

In addition to sourcing vintage, you also create some incredible handmade kimonos, yes? Tell us a little about that - where you source from, your inspiration for making your own, etc?
Yes! I source recycled vintage silk from India and create really comfortable, super easy, loose-fitting kimonos and kaftans. I love the idea of having flexible pieces - things you wear over a t-shirt to hang around in bed or over a silk dress to go out. So my inspiration really stemmed from my obsession with wearing long silk vintage nightgowns out as dresses. My handmade collection is my extension of that… creating pieces that walk the line between a nightgown and a dress. The pieces are also lightweight and easy to pack for travel so two birds, one stone. 

Can you see yourself making more clothing in the future or expanding your own line?
Absolutely! Eventually I would love to see all of the silhouettes I dream up in my mind come to life out of recycled fabrics. Giant bell sleeves and plunging v-necks being my favorites. It’s extremely time consuming so I have to find the balance between sourcing the fabric, sewing, etc and focusing on my vintage collection. My For Love of the Moon pieces are 100% handmade by me (only me!) so it requires a ton of attention. Some day soon! 

As movers and makers, we tend to hit a point in our manifestations where we can choose to keep going, or fall back on plan B (the plan that is already written, structured, and easy to follow….cough cough corporate cough cough). Was there a point in time where you were see-sawing on moving forward with your passions or going the “safe route”?
I’d prefer to have less. Fewer possessions, less money, and live the way I want. When I saw the other side I realized quickly there is more to life than a paycheck. To live my life waiting to retire. The grass is always greener, and maybe older me will regret the decisions of younger me but it feels right today and I’m really happy to not go into an office everyday. 

What is your favorite part of your work?
I travel a lot to source the vintage so I get to mix “work” with travel. It’s been a dream being over here in Europe and having access to the European vintage. To me, I’m closer to where it all began. The stories are rich. Also, meeting my customers. Generally they have the same outlook on life. I’ve created great relationships with many of them and I’m forever grateful they respect For Love of the Moon enough to support my shop.

In your travels so far, where have you been that has been the biggest inspiration? Whether that be b/c of the clothing you found or just the people/colors/culture of a particular place? California. Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, specifically near Big Sur, was so rich for me. It was the drive that changed my life. It was the moment I admitted I wasn’t happy in New York City. The salty air, the endless ocean, the music we had playing on the radio at that moment, the connection I felt to everything around me. It all came together on that trip to California and I’m forever grateful for that moment of clarity. Plus the vintage clothing out there! It’s overwhelming and endlessly inspiring. 

What are some of your goals + dreams as an innovative creative?
To be part of a movement that recognizes the impact throw away fashion has on damaging our earth. This is a serious epidemic we face today and I only hope to be part of the shift towards a greater respect for our planet. If ever a time for each of us to do our part, especially as Americans, it is now. 

It can be hard these days to focus on yourself and not others. Why would you say its important for us to start logging hours on ourselves and our own dreams, as opposed to someone else’s? Most important thing I can do for myself, especially running a small business, is not compare myself to others. Easier said than done. Moving from the states to the countryside of Southern Italy was great because I now have very limited internet, as opposed to the states where it was limitless, and I can only scroll through instagram but so many minutes in a day. I noticed immediately the less I’m searching the web looking at other peoples’ lives and just living mine, the better I feel. Social media is wonderful for many things but it can also be very toxic.


For us, dream setting is huge and largely a part of our holistic living regimen. Why do you think dream setting such an integral part of living an inspired, success-filled, psychedelic lifestyle?
I try to live in the present, focus on the here & now. It’s more important to me to gradually follow my shop’s growth day to day than to set long term goals. But I do have certain countries I want to visit to dig around for vintage… Romania, Turkey, Hungary. One day very soon!

Rituals have proven to keep us consistently grounded. What is your daily morning ritual? Night time ritual?
Coffee coffee coffee! and music in the morning. We live in a very old stone house without heat so as of recently, winter here in Puglia, we’ve had the necessary ritual of lighting a fire every morning to keep warm. We huddle in the kitchen near the fireplace and drink coffee and work on the shop first thing. Also highly recommend (American) Saffron tea. I drink a cup every night before bed.

Routine is a blessing. What are some of your favorite weekly + weekend routines that help you maintain momentum?
The best thing for me right now is studying Italian so I can speak to my neighbors. It’s been a welcomed challenge to keep my mind moving and to keep me constantly learning. 


Favorite food or tonic to keep your inspiration on high?
Coffee and wine. It’s really good here in Italy.

What would you say is your top priority when it comes to health and eating well?
Most important thing for my health is the quality of food I eat. Above all else I truly believe if you’re eating good quality, straight from the dirt, non-processed food your chances of maintaining good health are exponentially increased. 

Living in the countryside of Italy with quality, local foods at your fingertips, you must cook a lot. What’s one of your favorite meals to cook up these days?
Ah, it’s endless! Pizza in our outdoor forno is pretty wonderful. The whole process of making the dough from scratch, waiting for it to rise to the perfect height, lighting the fire in the pizza oven with wood from our own land, waiting until the stones turn the right color. It takes hours from start to finish but it’s such a reward. Cooking should take time! My personal favorite pizza right now is fresh ricotta, fresh figs and a bit of rosemary with olive oil. 

What is your go-to snack that is 100% high vibe?
Fresh or dried figs! 

Coffee or tea?
Cappuccino & American Saffron tea

If you were to name 1 color that first comes to mind when you think about listening to your favorite album(s) - b/c let’s be real, who just has one?), what would it be?
Turquoise-y blue, the color of my squash blossom necklace. I could never name my favorite album! The interview would never end. 

When do you feel most yourself?
Lately, surprisingly, I’ve felt most myself with our new friends over here in Italy. But consistently with my family at home and my oldest American friends. So I guess when I’m nearest the people I love and those who inspire me.

If you could remove one thought pattern from your head, what would it be?

Clean space. Clean mind. How do you orchestrate your living space so that it serves as your sanctuary? Plants? Bedding? Aromatherapy?
Nag Champa! I burn it every day.


What does the moon mean to you? The sun? the earth?
My mom used to always to say “look at the moon! look at the moon tonight!” when we were apart. It was always a reminder that we can see the same thing, we’re in the same world. It’s a symbol of connectivity for me. We’re all here, we’re nowhere else, and this is it. Our planet, take care. 

Does the full moon affect you? New moon?
All moons affect me in that I feel grateful and humbled to be able to see such magic! I mean really… how does that exist! 

In short, what is your intention in life?
Kindness. It really is all that matters. Kindness to all people, all things, all animals. All different races, religions, all of it. Kindness and acceptance is it. 

What do you think that the world needs more of?
Kindness! and acceptance. In equal measure. 

Whats your favorite way to tap into your spiritual side?
Listening to music… I get into these obsessive spells where I listen to a song I’m into over and over and over, dozens of times a day. I guess that’s about as spiritual as I get. Right now it’s Sorrow by David Bowie. 


Favorite social media accounts? 
Majestic Disorder Magazine (@majesticdisorder) has a pretty vibrant instagram account. I always like getting lost in their feed. 

Favorite food, thing and person in your life right now?
Our new house we just bought in Ostuni, Puglia! It’s our first home and I’m pretty stoked, to say the least. 


So we definitely want to be Laura, did we mention that? Go on, go manifest your reality.