Meagan Henry sheds some light on a promising way to pencil in your mind the reality of an oversaturated world. Often times it can be discouraging to be a creative, as the entire creative market is blowing up all at once. We are turning ourselves onto news ways of thinking, eating, boosting our consciousness by possibly, too much??? So much that we feel saturated in a excessive amount of beautiful content + people + visions coming to life quicker than we can think them over twice. We now not only have a blasting of creatives but an even bigger blast of pseudo-creatives who are skewing the lines even more. Go, Meagan, beauty! 

Creating today can be difficult. our planet is incredibly saturated. what you do, or want to do, has likely already been done. but, what’s the shame in that? that fuels me, and inspires me. I always come back to Picasso — “good artists copy, great artists steal”. 

I don’t know if you feel this same way, but my personal truth is that there is a Oneness, an ultimate, simple, beautiful Unity to All that Is. this truth has begun to extend to every facet of my life — there are painful facets of Unity that are disgustingly hard to face (because what’s going on in the world is unfathomably sad), and then there are those that are easier to celebrate (staring into your lover’s eyes and feeling the deepest bond). most recently, my feelings of Oneness have extended into the economy, and technology — the general market and all it’s cranking saturation. look at any industry, and there’s trillions of dollars... the full entry here